Sunday, December 4, 2016

Continual Timeline Collapses/Mergings And Much,Much More!

 By Lisa Transcendence Brown On 12-4-16

Aloha beautiful love family,

Happy December! A powerful one it shall be. ♥

We are in "continual shift, continual timeline collapses/mergings, continual physical Crystalline Light Body upgrades, continual physical reality upgrades in every moment now.

If you rely on the external to provide you happiness, to provide you security, to provide you with anything, then this is what is changing.

Focus on anything external first... this goes as all will be shifted more inward, totally inward to understand how and why "out there" is the way it is

Dimensional shifts are subtle and profound. When the external gets chaotic, out of balance, loud.... then this is a huge sign. Physical realities provide us with great opportUNITY to see, with great opportUNITY to choose, with great opportUNITY to experience exactly what our SOUL chose/desires.

Now, until we connect with our soul INSIDE, we don't understand what this is. We are the ones that have to learn to open our hearts and minds fully to listen, to see, to want to know.... we are the ones that create the resistance, allow distractions and get caught up in everything else other than what will provide us with peace, bliss, love, power and full abundance here. We are the ones, as humans, that "get in the way".

It takes one second to become conscious and shift. More if our human is really active and caught all up in things, speaking loudly.... The KEY is to recognize our own human-ness ... and let go of all of the judgment, comparison, emotions that get all caught up in things and realize that not one bit of this is "personal". That's a human thing.

Each has the ability to shift out of human and back into their pure divine true self... LOVE. This is just ONE of our many POWERS and gifts as a UNIVERSAL LIGHT BEING here.

We had a portal open 2 days ago, one of "Super Powers"... which we really really really love! Yet to bring these super powers forth, we have to access our INNER-POWER through our higher heart love ... all of the time.

Realizing that absolutely everything is a CHOICE is key. For if you feel like you have no choice, you will stay victim to everything. So SEE everything as your choice and if you do not like it, find a different choice. Open your heart to do this. For your head will tell you the opposite of what is true.

As all come to understand how timelines work (the Quantum Jumping Timelines, Collapsing Timelines, Converging Timelines, Intentional & Unintentional Collapses, Quantum Hopping, Sliding in & out of timelines and so very much more), it gets sooo much easier. These are vibrational and affect the physical. When we are totally in-tune vibration-ally, then everything makes sense again.

Pay attention to everything. See how it makes you feel. See when you are open and happy and when your own fears, doubts, judgments and lack kick in. Recognize where you disconnect, where you don't trust, where you fall back into old patterns/habits and conditioned beliefs; recognize your own mentalities about everything. Observe when your head is in control and you can instantly shift. All you have to do is open your heart fully, for it has shut down/gone into protection mode again.

One of your gifts as a Crystal(line) BEing is to re-program yourself and therefore your own reality too. You must know what programs are running though, and if you judge them, try to avoid them, try not to hear them, then they hold power over you. Take your power back.... listen.... and embrace your own gift of re-programming ... one of your super powers, innate gifts and natural abilities, as a Christed BEing/God BEing here.

At first, many go through their ego to build their power, yet then the ego goes.... you do not need it anymore. For awhile, if you see this, just recognize it and shift. You can pat yourself on the back, be proud of yourself, feel worthy and give yourself credit without ego.... this is another misperception that goes. There are many of these.

So, honor you. We are in POWERFUL light frequencies upgrades again.

May your every moment be one of new awareness, more happiness, more peace, more bliss, more magic... as you can clear/cleanse/release and be happy all at the same time as a multi-dimensional being. No more stuck, that was y/our head too!

We've launched lots of new things and have many more coming. Check them out. We will send announcements all along the way. The Team and I have been busy (always). You'll be seeing more of them as we go too.

The moment you are truly ready for the next phase, the "faster" it can come easily for you! Choose simple, choose easy, choose you. Open your heart fully. Simple is the way of our pure heart-soul.

♥These are very important vibrations we are in. Focus on your energy, what's truly important and honoring your exquisite you! ♥

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