Friday, December 16, 2016

Disclosure Digest 12-16-16

It's The Russian Bear!

Whatever It Is...He Did It!!!

Revulsion is the foot of political revolution (this time without all the muss and fuss):

And here are some more good reasons to stay in this NOW moment:

It seems the Lightworkers in Norway have been working overtime:

Pedophiles are created by the Dark Masters they will later serve:

And now, finally, we can know this truth is a real thing:
And this from our Sanity-Is-Busting-Out-All-Over file:

The clean-up of the old financial casino is accelerating mightily:
The White Hats in Deep State security agencies are in open rebellion - very encouraging:
In closing, who better than JC hisself, courtesy of John Smallman, channeller extraordinaire:

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