Monday, January 17, 2022

Digest Dustbin For The Week of 1-10 to 1-17

Some Old, Some New 

Curated With Love

Just For You...


We begin with Stephanie Austin & Co with some Full Wolf Moon reports; Grok-a-Thon:

The air traffic on the US West Coast was totally grounded this week by the FAA supposedly due to a N. Korean missile test 6,000 miles away. Expect more military visible on the streets and more travel restrictions as we are all nudged towards open Martial Law, without the sudden freak-out effect for the Sheeple. It's good time to buckle up and stay low Frens…

Clones-R-US sponsors this latest collection of side-splitting Babylon Bee Stings; Kekfest: 

The long-awaited Downfall of the Medical Mafia looms on the infosphere horizon; Oorah!  

Jon does a great public service with his spot-on research and insightful articles; git Sum:


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