Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Utsava Mind Droppings


Plastic Surgery Conspiracy Analysts 

Call It For Michael


Tucker was saying the other day on TV, that Michael Jackson appeared on Television; obviously under a Pelosi facemask. We have been covering this for years; Tribunals have started a couple of years ago. Out there are often clones and facemasks. Facemasks are more common these days than clones. The White hats have shut down a lot of cloning centers. Nancy Pelosi has been arrested many times the past couple of years and she had her tribunal; she is gone! She has been part of a crime family, you can call it the Pelosi mafia, who have been involved in all sorts of crimes, including trafficking and drug smuggling. Pelosi is a facemask; obviously Michael Jackson is beneath the mask. In a brilliant move, the White hats disclose that a) Michael Jackson is alive, and b) that Pelosi is a facemask.