Thursday, February 17, 2022

Accelerating Our Journey To Freedom


By Suzanne Maresca  

 February 16, 2022


In these finishing days of the old and worn out, exceedingly threadbare paradigm, the automatons and minions of the deeply light deficient are giving it their dastardly All, right to the very last moment.

Which tells me that we aren’t going to be able to enjoy a world free of evil until the end…but the end of what, exactly? We most likely aren’t going to get that whole picture until after the fact, and even then, who knows how much of what will have just happened is going to even make sense to our minds?

Or…maybe the Divine Human mind will be activated and freed in a flash of Divine and Cosmic Light that actually, truly and for all time changes everything, bringing clarity and freedom to the population of Earth. Is there going to be a point at which the evildoers and willfully ignorant persons among us simply aren’t with us any longer on the Earth plane? I’d like to think so…

Accountability and Justice will most certainly be seen to, both directly by the hand of God and through other Humans doing God’s work. Speculation leans heavily toward much of the rounding up and sentencing of the bad guys already having been done. Further, that the arrested but apparently still at-large criminal’s public appearances are actually performed by some form of replacement.

We’re living in a weird, Salvadore Dali painting. Do we even know, when a bad guy turns good (just keeping it simple), is he or she a puppeted replacement or the original, who experienced their very own come-to-Jesus moment and thought better of their membership with team dark? We don’t get to know.

What we do know is that when the collective Human frequency reaches a certain point, all of us will move beyond the controlling grasp of the bad guys. We were each gifted with the ability to adjust and monitor our own frequency, and it’s never been more important for us to do so. There’s plenty of ideas online about how to raise our personal vibe and keep it high, and you all know how to feel into whether someone’s technique or demeanor is a match for you or it isn’t.

Part of monitoring our personal frequency has to do with what we allow into our field. It’s up to each of us to know our limits around how deeply we want to understand whatever story is unfolding before us. Sometimes it’s enough to know that a thing happens, without going into much detail about it.

I’m reminded of an appreciative note I received from one of the members of my Buy Me a Coffee page ~

Not only do I live for your Sunday Funnies, but all your ‘posts’ keep me updated as to what’s going on in the outside 3D world. I read your quick take on them and say ‘OK, got it!’ I am extremely Sensitive to all energies, and I just can’t afford to go down the rabbit holes, so your quick views are perfect for me.

I really appreciate that! I’m happy to be the warrior-chick, navigating both worlds, bringing through and commenting on important happenings in a more palatable (and sometimes humorous) form. Is it coincidence that Truth Social is just about ready to launch, and exposures are coming thick and fast in the political realm…all while Human consciousness is expanding rapidly in every moment?


Clearly, we’re in it for the long haul. The grim realities are all out there for us to either dive into and rail against, or accept as what is so in the moment, choosing instead to focus our formidable energies and attention…our intention, on the good, true and beautiful; the world we’re dreaming into existence. We can give that our All, too.


Personally, I feel much better when contemplating life from the comfort of a (currently imaginary) hammock on a beach somewhere. The world is at peace and life is good for everyone. I’m enjoying the sound of the waves lapping on the sand, the feel of a fresh, warm breeze on my skin…the fragrance of wisteria in the air mixed with warm spice and ripe, juicy fruit…

The day will eventually transition into a lovely beach party, with fire and singing, drumming, dancing community fun ~ Joy! We shall have it. We’re that powerful.

The variety of nonsense happening across the globe right now is designed to either keep Humanity’s epic frequency bump from happening (they can’t), or to wake people up. Both plans are being implemented simultaneously. The latter doesn’t seem to be working as well as one might hope, and the former is something that we get to put a more rapid end to by being mindful of our personal vibe.

Keeping Love (the very highest frequency) as our first priority is seriously the best protection from any further attempts to control, use and abuse Humanity and the Earth, by anyone. It’s our shield against the only weapons they have left that can ripple our waters…we just need to activate it.

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