Sunday, February 13, 2022

Crystal Whisperings - ‘Voice Of The Ancients’

Black Opal from Madagascar

This stone speaks volumes. Black Opal carries the ‘voice of the ancients’, the truth of the wisdom keepers, the secrets of the sages passed down from generation to generation. This stone is an earthy energy complex. Black Opal energy is “down to earth” in the most sacred of ways. It brings the gift of patience and a common sense. This stone assists in grounding and balancing and stabilizing the physical body. Black Opal is about choice and responsibility--cause and effect. Black opal is an ally and comes as a daily reminder that you're not alone on this earthen journey.

This stone has an incredibly intense energy. Black Opal helps you to navigate through time and space. within the swirls of earthly shades, the mirror that is Opal is not lost. External reflections are indicators of internal struggles. For those who are working with the shadow self—Black Opal is extremely helpful. This stone will help to soothe anger and frustration and ease feelings of fear and anxiety. It gives you the courage to stand and face your fears. Black Opal offers complete protection of one's emotional body and aura. This stone provides one with an etheric shield against negative energy as well as another person’s emotional toxicity.

You do not need to play the role you have been assigned by karma and circumstance. Do not play victim to circumstance. You are so much stronger than that. Let the black opal show you the way. Simply carrying this crystal will help you become less anxious. Black Opal can help us to embrace new exciting adventures and act on spur-of-the-moment ideas. We all hold ourselves back in life due to one thing or another.

Even though these opals are not like Australian opals they are still related and hold the same energies. The Ancient Greeks believed the opal had the power of ‘giving foresight’ and the ‘light of prophecy’ to their owners. Opal is all about ‘In-sight and Protection’, how to stop absorbing other people’s energy; it has a very strong cleansing effect. This power-filled stone assists one in gaining a new perspective that is needed to ‘make the shift from distraction to action’. This stone helps us to detach from the ‘old ways’ that no longer serve us in this place and time. Opal being ‘psychic of nature’, helps us to find new unconventional and exciting ways to observe our future. Go to to see pix and prices.

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