Sunday, May 13, 2018

AA Michael On The Heart Opening And Nova Being


By Steve Beckow On 5-13-18

In my reading with him on May 2, 2018, I asked Archangel Michael what he could tell us about the gradual mass heart opening, or “Event,” taking place.

Archangel Michael: It is actually coming along famously!

Steve: Where would I look for evidence?

AAM: Look around you. People – and I am not talking just here and there, I am talking about individuals and collectives by the millions and the billions – are beginning to express, demand, command – they don’t call it a heart opening but these are the first steps – they are demanding freedom and equality and peace and justice.

Well, what this is really about is the declaration that they really want to be operating from a higher level, a higher dimension, a higher octave. So yes, people are saying, “I want love! I want to be seen. I want to be cherished. I’m am tired of petty hatred”.

And you are seeing this. Look around. The news of various sorts tend to focus on, even when they say they are focused on breakthrough, are often focused on negative events; the abuse of power, the abuse of authority, etc.

So, look to the broader spectrum. Look in people’s eyes when you walk down the street or go to have a coffee. Look into the hearts as you scan our own website. See the trend and what people are really declaring and what they are paying attention to, what they are reading, what they are commenting on. There is your truth.

Steve: Okay, and it’s a gradual thing with most people. Is that correct?

AAM: It is gradual but more and more are lining up for the quick explosion.

Steve: Yes, I saw that the Narendra Mishra, for instance, had a heart opening.

AAM: You will be bombarded.

Steve: Good!

AAM: We cannot wait and we are patient!

Later I asked him where he wanted me to take my writing next. His answer was inspiring.

AAM: Stay away from politics because there is so much untruth. Now we are not saying to play ignorant and not offer insights because that is also part of our role.

But where we want you to go is just as you have this morning, in the sharing of what is possible, of what you are creating and co-creating with us, with yourself, with your community and with the planet. This is the direction of a Nova Being.

The Nova Beings that step forward that really are the pathfinders, the wayshowers, and the loveholder community are not the ones that are vying for attention in the media. They are not the ones seeking office or power in the old paradigm. You are the ones that are absenting yourselves from that old paradigm and literally demonstrating a new way.

Steve: Yes, that’s certainly the way I see it.

AAM: It is the way you have been doing it. It is the way we have been doing it. (AAM, May 2, 2018.)

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