Friday, May 25, 2018

Disclosure Digest 5-24-18

Waves Of Transformation Are Upon Us

We begin with this latest on the upcoming Solar gateway opening from Sandra Walter:

Dr. Salla reviews the latest insider info on secret underground and off-plantet military/corporate bases. This is mind-boggling disclosure of Team Dark's most precious secrets; Git Sum:

Some much needed clarity on the Korean situation from the X22 Report, for your edification:

Lionel chimes in on perp-walks of the rich and famous in this entertaining short video - grok sum:

Deus Nexus paints disturbing picture of our oligarchs unmasked (IMHO Trump is a White Hat):

Denise LeFay checks in with her latest piece on our rapidly morphing physical bodies;

We find Sue Lie, blindfolded and  chained by her sense of duty to her typewriter, decoding the latest Arcturian download. Being a Galactic Scribe is not for the feint-hearted:

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