Friday, May 25, 2018

The Arcturians: Cycle Two Of Planetary Ascension - 5D Star Planet


Through Suzanne Lie On 5-17-18

(For Review see Cycle One Here)

Entering an earth vessel can be quite shocking for one who has been wearing their Lightbody, which resonates to the fifth dimension and is beyond time and space. Of course, while wearing a physical vessel, but having inter-dimensional consciousness, our volunteers to incarnate on ascending Earth can visit their Ship on a regular basis.

They can also visit the wonderful Priestess Caves and/or the Core of Gaia. The Priestess Caves are open for those who honor Mother Earth and serve as Her Priestesses and Priests. In fact, all of our brave “Galactic Representatives to Earth” have chosen to visit those caves so that they can perceive Gaia through that perspective.

Many of these representatives are YOU, but you may or may not remember that about yourself. You, the volunteers to assist Gaia, were told before you chose to take an earth vessel that you were to serve as Scouts.

As a “Scout” you were assigned to go deep into Gaia’s energy field and report back what you discovered to the Pleiadians and the Arcturians. The Pleiadians and the Arcturians are the primary Galactics that are assigned to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension from a third/fourth dimensional physical planet into a Fifth Dimensional Star Planet.

Therefore, many Human/Galactics have merged with their third/fourth dimensional expressions of SELF. However, the third/fourth human brain is unable to fully merge with the  fifth dimensional brain of their Galactic SELF.

Therefore, they usually perceive this “Higher SELF” as an “unknown energy field” that has been with them for as long as they can remember. Also, this “energy field” is often thought of as “ABOVE” rather than “IN” them. As long as they hold the belief that their Higher SELF is above them, it is difficult for them to flash into their inter-dimensional Lightbody SELF.

We, the Fifth Dimensional expressions of our human self, are very proud of our earth-bound expressions of SELF. Most of them feel that they cannot tell anyone what they have always known deep inside themselves, but communicate with us as often as they can. They also cannot tell others that they feel an immense energy field within them that they cannot understand. There is no third dimensional technology that can assist them to understand what is happening, and few people with whom they can share their experience.

Acknowledging that this “Higher YOU” who seems to exist inside of you, is a difficult process for our “Volunteers to Earth.” However, many Galactic/Human merges have been completed within your NOW, but most of those who have merged in this manner are NOT aware of this fact—YET! 

They do know that they are different than most humans, and that they should not talk about this “difference” unless the other human has had those same experiences. They also cannot share that they were all instructed to serve as “scouts” who were assigned to go deep into Gaia’s energy field and report back to their Pleiadian and/or Arcturian SELF what you have discovered.

Then, their higher dimensional expressions of Pleiadian, Arcturian, and other Galactic expressions of SELF, will share all that they have discovered during their “lifetime as a human.” This information is vital so that the Galactics can best assist humanity and Gaia with their process of planetary ascension.

Please note that we Galactics think of Gaia as a “planetary being” who is fully alive and totally conscious, rather than a “thing.” Gaia is a Being in the same manner that humans are beings. However, Gaia is MUCH more evolved than humanity, as she is MUCH older.

Many humans are NOT aware of their own Higher SELF and have NO sense that Gaia is a living being. In fact, even the concept that Gaia/Earth is a living being who is FAR more evolved than any of Her residents is still beyond what many humans are able to believe.

Fortunately, more and more humans are beginning to awaken to that fact. Unfortunately, humanity is the only group of Gaia’s beings that causes great destruction to their Mother Gaia for their own personal gain. 

Yes, Gaia’s “weather” can appear to harm parts of Her planet, but that is only a concern to humans when their “things” are affected. Humanity will need to remember that they can ALL communicate with Gaia. In this manner, they can better assist Her, and better protect themselves if any of Gaia’s areas are in a process of rebirth.

Because Gaia is having a “rebirth,” the old must be released so that the new can take root and grow. However, this process often harms some of humanity’s “things.” We are sorry for that, but please remember that you created and chose your life before you were born.

Also, “a disaster,” is often Gaia’s process of transmutation. There are, of course many human created disasters that are against Gaia, and are NOT a part of Gaia’s destiny. We Galactics are sorry to see how difficult it can be on the third dimension and salute you ALL for the great assistance you have given to Gaia and to ALL the different aspects of  Her Planetary SELF.

What most humans have not accepted is that is that GAIA is complete with Her experience of being a third dimensional planet. Her third dimensional experiences were VERY informative, but also VERY destructive to Her third dimensional planet and third dimensional “reality.” 

We, your Galactic Family, wish you to remember that there are multiple realities, which resonate to multiple dimensions, that are interacting with your consciousness. The only manner in which our grounded volunteers to Gaia can understand these “multiple dimensions” is to merge with the NO-TIME of the fifth dimension.
We wish to remind you that ALL the beings of Gaia (including the human beings) must join into Unity Consciousness with Gaia in order to transmute Her third dimensional Planetary Self into
Her Fifth Dimensional Planetary Self.

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