Saturday, June 20, 2015

Becoming ONE – Gaia Speaks For Her Fourth Chakra

Channelled By Suzanne Lie On 6-16-15

I am Gaia, returned to be your Guide as you blend your chakras with mine and unite people and planet into Oneness.
I invite you now to my fourth chakra. I welcome you into my planetary body just as you are in the process of receiving me into your human body.

My Heart Chakra is located in my beloved Haleakala Crater in Maui, Hawaii. Since this chakra represents the inflow/female polarity, it is “inside” of a crater. In a small peak within this crater, my heart beats my life force into every molecule of all the myriad forms that call my body, Earth, HOME.

After millennia of male domination, the Galactic Center has recently revitalized the Divine Goddess Power, the Magdalene Force, into my Planetary Heart Chakra to celebrate the awakening of overt Female Power.

With every beat of my heart, I share this gift of the Female Power of LOVE with all my creatures to balance and heal the polarities of my third dimensional experience. The Power of the Great Mother has come Home now, and both men and women can feel, accept and project the healing force of the Goddess’ Unconditional Love.

Fourth Personal Chakra: Heart

One visit to the verdant growth and aromatic breeze of Maui is enough to understand why it is my heart. From this chakra I, Gaia, teach the Power of Love. It is the Love Force within your Heart Chakra that accelerates your ability to accept Higher Light and expands your consciousness.

There is no degree of meditation that will access the higher dimensions if you cannot open your heart to Love. Without Love you cannot travel beyond the Lower Astral Plane and your consciousness is limited to the separation and limitation of your ego Self.

Love is the Power that has allowed you to move beyond your ego and to integrate your Soul/SELF. Now that you have remembered and merged with the YOU that you have always been, you can experience the flow of Unconditional Love that courses from the heart of my Soul to your Soul. It is this Love, above all else, that directs you to surrender control of your illusionary 3D reality into the Flow of Higher Worlds.

The Heart Chakra is ruled by the thymus gland, which is the center of your immune system. Your immune system gives you a good defense against disease and facilitates your ability to heal after an injury. The Power of Love, which emanates from your Heart Chakra, is your greatest healer.
Unfortunately, it also can make you vulnerable enough to get your “heart broken.” It is through feeling and accepting the Unconditional Love that constantly flows from your integrated Soul/SELF that you can heal your psychic wounds and then, the wounds of others.

Unconditional Love can also heal the hurts and imbalances that you have accumulated in your many incarnations upon my planet. You see, my Ones, Love is the blending and healing force of the Universe. Through the Love that we share, we can best unite person with planet to create the great awakening that will culminate in Planetary Ascension.

Merging Chakras

Dear people of my Soul, I ask you now to travel again into the core of my body to reconnect your Essence to mine. You begin your journey within an ancient volcano, so the pathway to my core is clear. Deeper and deeper you move through what was once a massive volcano.

At last you are in my core, far beneath my Pacific Ocean, and what was once the continent of Lemuria. Visions of my first civilization of form enter your consciousness, as well as ancient memories of your visits to my planet at the dawn of humanity.

You are ready to return to the surface of my planet, taking these memories with you. Slowly, almost as if you are floating, you rise to the surface to find yourself within my Haleakala Crater. You climb the small mount that represents my heart to better feel the beat of my Love force, and lie flat upon my ground to merge personal and planetary hearts.

Feel our hearts now, beating as ONE. Feel the power of our united Love. Take a long moment to allow this “Unity of Love” to heal every cell and atom of your body. I request that you, in turn, share your healing with my body, Earth, so that our partnership can grow in healing and love.

As we blend our hearts, feel the cool, ocean breeze caressing your body. You are on a small circular mountain, within a circular crater, within a circular island surrounded by a vast, and life-filled ocean. Feel the Power of Three, a circle within a circle, within a circle.

Feel the ancient Wisdom of my land, the Power of my oceans, and the Love of my heart.

It is here where the Keepers of the Land, my people, join with the Keepers of the Water, my cetaceans, to heal the many wounds that have been inflicted on my body through the long experience of being third dimensional.

Now, my humans and cetaceans unite to become “The Keepers of the Planet,” for WE are now the “Beings of Earth.” “WE” are the seas that flow through our bodies, and the emotions that activate our creativity. WE are the thoughts that create the physical matrix of the land that is surrounded by the oceans of planetary emotions.

WE are the Love that unites our land and water in Unity of Purpose. WE have conceived of our new world. WE will germinate this creation in our hearts and patiently hold that Vision of Love and Peace until the moment of our transformation into Light.

I, Gaia, am ever grateful for our planetary partnership. Together, as ONE Essence, we shall fulfill the ancient prophesies that have been whispered into our hearts for millennia. The “time” to fulfill these promises is NOW, and the place is HERE, in our Hearts. Please repeat with me:

“I AM Gaia.
I AM Earth.
heart (1)

Take the final letter of Earth, “H,” and place it at the beginning to transform “EARTH” into “HEART.”
I am eternally grateful for YOUR Love and for OUR blending HEART with HEART and Person with Planet.

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