Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Living In The Climax Of Awakening Ages

By Zen Gardner On 6-6-15

Much is being said about the transition we’re now undergoing. Is it a cosmic occurrence, a societal awakening, or perhaps a spiraling convergence of timeless influences destined to bring humanity to its true conscious awareness?

It’s never healthy to over-spiritualize any occurrence or phenomenon but these have become very real, howbeit esoteric, questions.

It’s clear the current paradigm of deceit is crumbling before our eyes and that a major transformation in human consciousness is taking place. We cannot deny that, despite the furious socio-geopolitical activities unfolding before us and the naysaying of skeptical observers.

What tends to be seriously minimized is our empowered place in all of this. What can we do in the face of such an onslaught? Is there a role for us to play? Why the feeling of helplessness as we watch our skies, food and water close in with toxins and our societies constrict as if destined to bring our demise?

Standing Up to the Storm

Knowing we are called for such a time as this is essential. There’s sound footing to be had despite the mayhem we witness day by day. It’s no accident we are here, never mind awakened at this time. That we see clearly what is transpiring all around us is perhaps the biggest clue there is that the solution is within us, and its manifestation closely at hand.

But it needs our participation. That’s the key.

Activating in conscious response is our unified call, in whatever form we are called. Individually and collectively we are the force they fear and hence are dealing with in such a draconian fashion, which in itself is testament to the power we possess. This cannot be emphasized enough.

This Has Happened Before

Not many are aware of the fact that Buddha, Lao Tzu, Confucius, Zoroaster and the early spiritual Greek philosophers were all alive within the same short time period approximately 2500 years ago. It too was a time of great awakening, without the aid of today’s communication abilities afforded by the internet. Something was afoot during that golden age of opportunity, the truth of which has rung throughout history.

This makes our awakening exponentially more profound as well as powerful in the grand scheme of our planetary history.

We have been given the tools to respond. In love, in truth, and in full knowledge and understanding. This again is why our generation is so fiercely feared as well as opposed. To realize this is a source of great encouragement to anyone wavering in their new found discoveries and convictions. We truly are a tide of empowered truth that is sweeping the world, despite all of the outside appearances to the contrary.

Ages and Sages – The Time is Now

The convergence we are experiencing is everything to be excited about. Do not doubt your inner voice. We stand in full conviction and need not be moved by the barkings of techno-fascism or police state tactics. We must operate in calm, trusting knowing that what has been established in our hearts is the true nature of humanity and our planet and that these machinations from some sort of imaginary hell are simply that – false, fabricated weapons of fear-based intimidation designed to destabilize our heart felt footing in the true reality of the world as it should, could, will be, and already is.

It’s all about the individual. We stand alone, yet together. We move with honor and dignity. We speak truth, in love. Our force, even if it be just one alone, is more than the lie can handle. In that conviction the heart wins. No matter the seeming outcome in any surface skirmish, we win. Because Truth always wins out. Always.

Know that. Your actions will follow, one at a time. Trust your heart.
But do know the hour is late. Delaying your true role is no longer an option.
Stand and deliver.
The rest will follow.
Standing with you, with love and respect,


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