Tuesday, June 23, 2015

GaiaPortal: Patterns Of Ancients Reappear, As Corporate Patterns Dissolve

Channelled By by ÉirePort On 6-23-15


Helvetic communications have completed...

and open causeways for Illumination of all humanity.

Frescoes of Light appear in the unprepared and previously un-illumined.

Patterns of ancients reappear, as corporate patterns dissolve.

Fennelics have upgraded all Gaia Energetic Expansion Portals.

[Note From DT - 'Helvetic communications' regards the Swiss banking system IMHO; the transition to the new rules would seem to be complete.  'Fennelics' may relate to the last stages of the planetary 'Marathon' (Greek for "plain of fennel") of Ascension.  Best guess...]

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