Tuesday, June 9, 2015

We Are Ascension

By Suzanne Maresca

Silver_hairThis was actually written the day after my daughter’s 18th birthday last year, and I just now came across it looking for things to delete from my computer. It still applies, and I must say that I feel a lot larger inside than I did last summer. One of the great values of keeping a journal (not that I do, this was a fluke) is to be able to witness how far one has come in understanding.

Reading it triggers more thoughts for me and I’ll share them below the squiggle.

I was out driving today and I got the message that I could leave if I wanted to…that this would all be over for me and I could be gone in an instant. The feelings that followed caught me a little by surprise because I immediately thought to myself, “I want to be here. I like it here enough to want to witness this most extraordinary period in Human history.”

It wasn’t just about being able to be there for my daughter. It was a desire and commitment to see this through and to do all I could do to bring along as many as possible into higher frequencies of existence.

Then the thought that followed was around what it is that I’m actually here to do. That knowing has been developing and cooking and processing inside me probably for much longer than even this whole life. I have to say though that I have far more clarity than I ever have before about it, and it’s only been the past months, weeks and days that have brought it all into a more tangible form.

It’s becoming much easier for many of us to communicate with those in the higher realms these days. It’s certainly true for me, and there’s a task ahead for me that at one time I might have balked at and refused out of fear and wounding. Even in my years of training, there were times when I realized that I didn’t have enough confidence yet to perceive of myself as a Healer, a Seer, a Shaman.

The key that I didn’t hold at that point is this ~ to vision for someone or to journey or do any kind of energy work, it isn’t me personally that’s doing the work. I had the misconception that I had to understand the issue myself and know the injury in order to heal it. Now all these years later, I finally understand that the best I can do for anyone is to step aside and allow whatever healing energy to come through me.

This energy that healers call upon has intelligence, and all it needs is a willing human conduit and loving intention to do what needs doing.

Now almost a year later, it really has come home to me that what we do as lightworkers is vitally important. The fact that we’re not only willing to stay and help but that we’re committed to doing so no matter what…well that’s worth more than gold ever could be. We matter. We ARE ascension.
This is not an ego thing, it’s an embracing of the exquisite Light that we’re all made of. Once we even start to entertain the idea that we have the potential to be an embodiment of Divine Purpose, it opens the way for greater understanding of why we’re here now.

We make ourselves invaluable to the shift when we’re available and willing. The willing aspect relates in part to our willingness to let go of the wounding we carry. Sometimes it feels like our traumas are all we have to identify with, because maybe it’s all we’ve known for a long time. But there always is a period in everyone’s existence, this life or not, to draw on for evidence of something greater and more important than our pain.

The pain and wounding is not all there is, and being willing to let go of it all and do our personal work surely makes our spiritual resumes a lot juicier. Once we let the false grids fall away, what’s left is the beautiful person that’s here on Earth now for good reason, who is vital to this unfolding and who is and always has been loved beyond measure.

And now I also understand, in regards to stepping aside, that blessing others and even healing doesn’t have to be formal at all and in fact, can be done with intention and the simplest of thoughts. I sincerely thank Matt Kahn for the “May you be blessed” prayer (1). It’s aligned perfectly with our work at this time and just is such a lovely confirmation that Humanity is ready for this kind of information. We ARE Masters.

Anyway, it’s time to Keep The Faith. We’re needed, and for my part, the last thing I want to do is slow things down by wavering and giving doubt any space in my thoughts. There’s no room for that any more and there’s no room for the idea that we’re at all small and insignificant. I just want to do what I’m here for directly and efficiently.

And I think we’re close.
Love and Light…
(1) The Path of Mastery ~ Matt Kahn, TrueDivineNature.com

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