Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hilarion -11-13-16: The Shift Has Begun in Earnest

Beloved Ones,
Duality in all its aspects is now playing out before your eyes. There is a greater picture of what is at stake here. It is a battle between the Light and the dark. It is the age-old battle that is now coming to completion.

Those who follow an agenda that is not for the highest good of all are taking their last stand and they are being revealed in all their tactics and every step that they take to try to regain control.

Those who follow our messages and those who have the eyes to see have been filled with sadness by the polarity energies that are being expressed by those who purport to carry the Light. We ask you to remember our words to have tolerance, patience and the understanding that these times that are now manifesting upon your world are a necessary part of the cleansing and purging that is occurring in the higher picture of the events upon your planet and within human systems and society’s structures.

It is not as dire as it seems. It merely requires acceptance, the noting of the energies that are at work and a re-centering within self. All is perfect, Dear Ones, please remember this and hold steady your Light. The sky is not falling. The world continues to spin and continues on its journey. Know that adjustments are taking place within each human person who has been expressing great angst very stridently. This too, shall pass, and life will continue.
These times that you are now observing and experiencing, are awakening times, to allow each individual to consciously choose love, the way of love, higher energy and unity consciousness. This is a necessary and desirable quality to embody in a spiritually-mature individual who can accept that all they are experiencing is in a state of flux and that they have chosen sides, if you will, of where they wish to focus their energy.

If you become overwhelmed by all that you are experiencing in social media and the news media reports each day, then know that it is time for you to re-center and ground yourself back to the reality of your own consciousness and that for which you have been standing.

You will understand that there is nothing that you need to change, that you need to do. It is what it is. Let the energies play out and you will see great transformation begin to take place upon your planet.
The shift has begun in earnest, being made manifest in the world around you and it is about time!

Each individual has the right to express and act on their own inner convictions of what they feel is the right thing to do and it behooves everyone to begin to respect each other no matter what the diversity of their opinions and convictions are. Everyone has the right of free-will choice because you live on a free-will planet and that is what it means to live on a free will planet!

It is the right of each individual to access their internal sovereignty and use their Divine wisdom and knowledge to make free-will choices in that which they feel is the right and good thing to do.

Because opinions differ does not mean that those you oppose are less than you – all it means is that they walk to a different beat. All that means is that they have taken the time to go within and choose that which they believe is the right choice to make.

These current times are all about choosing to follow your own star, to walk in joy, to do those things that bring you joy, that bring you happiness. It is not required that you need the outer world to dictate to you what can bring that joy to you, it is all within you and it has always been within you – for that is where the Divine lives – within you!

That which you think about, act upon and speak is affecting the collective consciousness so those who choose peace, those who choose to follow their own authentic self – do not become swayed by those who would try to demean you because you do not  have the same perspective on what is occurring upon your planet at this time.

Know that you are listening to your own heart’s counsel and this is always good. We say to you, Beloved Ones, this too, shall pass. It is the nature of the affairs of the world to continue on. It is the nature of humanity to adapt, adjust and accept. Soon there will be a new perspective, a greater and deeper comprehension and understanding of all that is occurring during these times.

Have patience; express your kindness and goodwill to each other. Nothing has changed in regards to the goodness within people, nothing is different. All are equal and always have been equal – there is no division in unity consciousness.

We ask you to continue to stand in your Light, to observe and reflect your inner Light, your inner goodness, the peace and goodwill that you hold towards everyone. This is what you then add to the collective consciousness in peace, tranquility and serenity; this is the energy that YOU add to the collective consciousness and this is what is most important during these changing times.

Watch, observe and learn, there is much that is unfolding that is amazing and miraculous, look for those, Dear Ones!

Until next week…
I AM Hilarion

© 2009-2016 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana

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