Sunday, November 13, 2016

WayShowers, LightKeepers And Crystalline Grid Keepers – You Are Called Now To Step Up

By Lisa Transcendence Brown

You are called now to step up in a whole new way, to be more visible AS LOVE and THE LIGHT of purity, integrity, honor and sacred respect, and compassion more than ever before. You are to shine the light of the NEW SYSTEMS ALREADY IN PLACE that we’ve already been building for this time (vibration) NOW.

Many are confused, upset, devastated, in fear and feel there is no hope… there is no inspiration right now. Many believe all has been lost… which is the opposite of what is true… many are not yet aware that WE have been BUILDING and HOLDING the NEW SYSTEMS in place all along and with all of the work that we do….

NOW, hearts are opening, huge. Now it’s time to for each to become a HUGE INTEGRAL PART of our NEW Earth Systems that are already in place…. that have been waiting for everyone to awaken and come on board to be a part of CREATION, UNITY and SUPPORT that which unites/unifies, offers freedom from the old systems, transcends all lack of power that once was….

Right now, many are struggling and it’s a time to PROVIDE THAT SUPPORT by SHOWING (BEING THE WAYSHOWER) for HOW this is done… by BEing the light, by empowering others who are truly ready to be a part of the MAGIC that we experience every moment of every day…. honor the feelings all are feeling, it’s important. Hold your space though. This is not about enabling, this is about empowering others to KNOW what you already know … for they do know it too. You point others to ways to figure it out/find it within themselves….

Let your separation and diversity go…. this is about unity from within… this is about what each is willing to actually DO TO SUPPORT AND BE A PART of NEW EARTH REALITIES…..

Many are seeking, cannot see yet, but as their hearts open they will. Their desire for more, magnified by the magnitude of what is really going on….. Each has to DESIRE THIS MORE than they allow themselves to live in fear.

Desperation activates inspiration for many. For it’s in this place that new realizations and desires are born/birthed. Everyone has to be willing…. this is the COLLECTIVE CALL for ALL TO STEP UP…. vibrationally…. come together, realize (Real-eyes) and re-focus where each puts their energy, spends their money, what they are actually supporting with their actions….

Each has choice right now…. and many don’t believe they do. This is CHOICE POINT for many…….

Our human aspect has to be shaken and jolted awake…. so that our soul can emerge/come through. This is what has occurred/is occurring…. this is that WAKE UP CALL… that gets each’s attention….
Many need time (space) to process, sift through the emotions, let the “fog” clear…. Be respectful and honor each’s space, for many egos want to jump right in there…. we are patient, respectful and create a space for each to come to a place to desire something different than before. This is a very important part of the process. We do not need to convince anyone of anything, for unconscious realities do this for us…

 Each are now the Beacon, the Lighthouse, the Towers and Pillars of Light that are the infrastructure for our NEW CIVILIZATIONS built from a whole new foundation from within. You are the BRIDGE to “the other side”… into higher dimensional existence…. Each has huge soul purposes/roles to fulfill now.

You don’t get to hide/go small anymore. You don’t get to “not be visible”… not an option anymore. You shine and let your energy touch the hearts of all souls now awakening and readying to shift huge…. out of those old realities and into the new….

NOW IS A TIME (AND ALWAYS) of Unity…. not against anything… FOR….. This is about what each is creating/calling forth/making happen…. there are no excuses anymore……

We don’t have polarity… that’s the way of the old…. Unity is simple, peaceful and powerful… and obliterates separation/diversity programs…..

Pull away, go inside, figure it out, resolve anything that’s occurred and start from THIS MOMENT RIGHT NOW…. clean slate… Quantum Clearing… let anything that is not love… let it go… and move on… in the direction that you desire to experience in your world/reality/dimension now. You can choose your parallel, your dimension, your reality, just by opening your heart, just by letting it all go and by re-focusing your energy AS LOVE and realizing how much POWER you really DO HAVE/HOLD…. when you don’t let your head run the show. Your higher heart consciousness will lead you if you will let it… into simplicity, abundance and freedom from anything old still left….. You get to choose…. in every moment.

Okay, you/we have lots of work to do…. lots of guiding those who feel lost…. through light, as love, through empowering those who don’t believe they have power or hope… for that’s the total opposite of what is true… and we have the ability to SHOW THOSE WHO ARE READY……….

So, pull up your bootstraps, open your heart further, expand your energy more, relax into the ease of flow, breathe and get ready, cuz we ain’t seen nothing yet. It’s always just beginning. This huge collective “crisis” has created the the space necessary for billions of souls to awaken on a whole new level now and enter their next phase too!

Ready, set, go! You are on!

The Grid is fully connected and operating at optimal capacity right now and building faster by the moment. This huge StarGate/Portal for 11/11 blows the doors wide open…. for everyone now. I love you!

Lisa Transcendence Brown

Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Crystalline Grid Keeper, WayShower, Author, Transformational Speaker, Ascended Master

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