Sunday, November 6, 2016

Hilarion: November 6-13, 2016


 Channelled By Marlene Swetlishoff

Beloved Ones,
We come on the wings of love as your world continues in its inexorable changes and transformations that are now occurring on a moment by moment basis. All that was once held dear as real and true is now being shown to be an illusion of sorts. As this process continues, the people of the world will feel as though they are walking on quicksand, that everything that they believed to be solid and real and true is not that which they had assumed. Everything that they were conditioned to believe is not the way it really is. This brings forward feelings of anxiety and a strident need to discover the truth of the world around them.

The world stands at a precipice, one that is inevitable, one that has been foretold for many ages and it is now upon this world and all of her inhabitants. In every corner of the world changes and transformations are taking place within people, within the structures of their governments, their educational systems, their news media reports. In short, everything that has been accepted by humanity to this point is in the process of accelerated change.

Now we have been telling you for many, many years that it is important for you to stay grounded, to stay rooted into the Earth, for this will help as these energies – some very chaotic, some shocking, and some stunning in their revelations, it is important to remain grounded and to remain at the very core of your being, centered and in touch with the truth of your being. If you could but see many years ahead, you would see that this time was the transitional time – the time of transformation into the New Age reality.

What the world needs most now is the energy of love. Project love into the Earth, into the Earth’s grids, into the hearts of every living being upon this planet, whether human or of other kingdoms – all are one. All are experiencing this transformation. It is a momentous time, one that will be recorded and remembered for all time, even though when we think of the universe, there is no time. What we refer to is the fact that this experience that you are all going through now will always be remembered in the annals of the akashic records and you, as soul, were a part of it. That will never leave your experience and the contributions that you each have made to this process will be recorded for all akashic record history.

Many of you are and will be directed to the knowledge that you need to move into your next phase, your next step on your spiritual journey. You will be lead to certain people, to certain books, to certain websites. Even as you do google searches, somehow, magically, you end up just where you need to be! Keep your eyes and mind open to these possibilities that will be coming forth in the days ahead.

All is in alignment with the Divine Plan for the Earth and for the individual Divine Plan for you and all humanity. Remember to call upon us each day. As you awaken each morning call upon us, ask us to be with you throughout the day giving you guidance, giving you the knowledge that you need. Always we are with you!

The changes as they come now will be fast and furious so that is why we counsel grounding. Please remember what we have told you before, being out in nature is very beneficial. The tree family, if you stand beside them will help you to balance your energies, will help you to ground into the core of the Earth, will help you to integrate the changes and revelations as they continue each day. You have the ability to stay on top of this. Know that we are ever with you.

Everything is in alignment - the heavenly positions are coming into alignment with that which was foretold for many, many ages. It is now upon this world - the initiation, the graduation of the Earth and all her peoples, all of her inhabitants is now in process, is now taking place. It is a momentous occasion and a great accomplishment for all the souls who are sojourning upon the Earth at this time. We ask you to hold a space of love within your hearts, within your minds, within your intentions throughout the coming days. It is very, very important that this energy of love, Christ love, be the prevailing energy.

As the events unfold no matter what the outcomes of them, know that all is well, that all is as it should be, all is taking place in accordance with Divine Will. You who are the Lightbearers, the torch bearers for the Light of God that never fails are now holding that Light within your hearts to the highest level and frequency that your physical bodies can withstand.

This is in agreements that have been made from the journeys you have made beyond sleep and it is for the specific purpose of maintaining as much stability that is possible during the transformations that are occurring.

Each of you who have followed our messages is in a unique position, for you have followed the advice, you have followed the guidance, and therefore, you are in a place of equilibrium and balance. You are in what could be termed an enviable position for you to be in during these times. There is much that is unfolding and you are in synchronistic attunement to the highest outcomes that can happen. Be at peace, Beloved Ones.

Until next week…
I AM Hilarion

2009-2016 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana

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