Friday, December 10, 2021

Disclosure Digest 12-10-21


The 'There's Nothing Happening' Digest


More holiday cheer just arrived from that terminally blue state - Go Massholes!

The [DS] Adrenobeast is very hungry for ‘food’; if you see something, say Something:

This huge drop from Wikikeaks is the Motherlode; get digging - there's lots of rabbit Holes 

DUMB video w/lots of W. US sites discussed - incl. China Lake, Boulder/DVR mega City:

The Big Mike Song has just started climbing the LGBTQRSTUVW pop chart: Megakek:

Janine Christina & Magenta are coming through loud and clear so best Listen Up:

Archangel Gabriel is blowing his horn hot and heavy and it sounds like A Love Supreme;

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