Monday, December 13, 2021

Disclosure Digest 12-13-21

In Case You Missed It...

The New Light Codes Are Activated

We lead off with this just announced bombshell from the much-maligned Gov of my State:

The Alliance is real, the Military is in control and Where We Go One, We Go All:

This Heart of Darkness Bundle will offer you a peek behind the Veil of Unknowing

The Trafficked Children on Epstein Island also had to sit on these same buckets; Savvy?

On the Lighter side of Apocalypse we still have some courageous comedians calling the BS:

This Digest is missing is some interesting 'color' pieces to give our aching brains a Rest:

Here's your long overdue Three Witches Bundle; bubble, bubble toil and Trouble:

Creator, The Is that Is all that Is, would like a few words with you, better listen Up:

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