Sunday, December 5, 2021

Disclosure Digest 12-5-21


 What Part Of 'Divine Plan'

Don't You Understand?



Archbishop Vigano's clarion call to awaken all the remaining Sleepy Sheeple:

I came across these blog-posts and they really resonated with this NOW; git Sum:

Comet Nimoy approaches - it’s the second return of Mr. Spock, just in time for ET Disclosure methinks.

Why hell I been micro-dosing for years, no dain brammage so Far:       
This time-lapse is a fractal of Terra Gaia going full-on 5D Crystalline; Ayup:    

Humans are an endless source of entertainment across this Galaxy, for Example:
Vikings Chiefs were burned in their ships, this guy took his beloved dead bud for a last ride on his chopper. Pure poetry in motion… 

I've got a back-log of Bee Stings to share with Y'all; cop a buzz & be Amused:

Good people sacrificing themselves to wake YOU up; Israelis are slow Learners:

We wrap it up with some cosmic insight from Archangel Gabriel; ponder On:

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