Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Disclosure Digest 11-1-17

Wishing You All A

Cheerful Samhain Festival!

Here's an enlightening peek behind the curtain of this Holographic Reality we created so long ago

The good news is that this whole 'Degrading of Consciousness' program is becoming rapidly undone:

Cancer-causing, weaponized processed foods from Big Ag are meeting the Light of public scrutiny:

Yes, solid bars of pure gold are also a part of our 3D Babylonian Money Magic financial casino:

While we're exposing ghosts in the machine, let's hear from a Masshole academic as he unmasks the real JFK assassins as CIA/Deep State operatives:

Ben's doing his beltane best to cheer up the troops with his latest Full Frontal Fulford Report:

We suspect KP is bi-locating regularly to Iceland on his Missions, to Overlight this chill surfer dude:

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