Saturday, October 28, 2017

Disclosure Digest 10-28-17

Here's Looking At Us!

We begin with a message from The Council focusing on the significance of our Collective Intent:

From 2005 and spot on right NOW; I also like Sal's latest book on Galactic Earth history:

Tazjima channels on all the multiple you's that make up the mega-being that is YOU:

Tenzin Wangyal (one of my teachers)clearly describes those pesky Bardo states of consciousness:

An update on Sheldan's recovery and some reminders of the significance of the 11:11 Gateway:

Atlantean trauma in the human collective consciousness is what we are healing at this time on Terra Gaia. This Akashic review of what happened, and why, comes to us courtesy of James Tyberonn: 

I know the premise of this article to be of truth, though I don't recommend smoking it; think edibles:

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