Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Disclosure Digest 10-10-17

Disclosure Rolling Out Quickly, NOW

We begin with this just in from Our Lady of Mount Shasta:

Challenging the Dollar: China and Russia's Plan from Petroyuan to Gold:

A Taoist Master explains the source of problems in the World today:

Today's Update from my fave video-journalist, Jordan Sather. Git Sum:

I just wish Higher Mike would refrain from making long-term Ascension projections:

From the Lion's Roar newsletter - 'The Wisdom in Dark Emotions':

Reality Check: Humanity already is has a Space Fleet that travels the stars, and your tax dollars were stolen by Team Dark to pay for it! It's time to wake up::

And while you are on Earth, check out those Fall colors:

Let's finish with a pep-talk from Saul to get us ready for Unity Consciousness:

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