Sunday, October 15, 2017

Message From The Elders Of Earth For October 12, 2017

We are the Elders of Earth. We come in this time, in this Now to offer comfort and support. We can see from our vantage point the proceedings of certain events, and all is progressing. Many have lost their way, many have lost their lives. This is so much more than a transaction of financial events; this is a transaction of the heart; ascension in its most intimate, raw and vulnerable points. All must be exposed so that all may be healed. Allow healing light from Source within you and breathe it in. Claim Source as your own.

Many will be afraid when the changes come. Yet we are telling you, they are already here. They are only being made open into the light and filtered into your awareness. Embrace these changes. 

Change is upon you and most importantly within you. Your genetic structure is expanding, coming online and glowing with light from within you. You are a different being than you were even last week. Is it no surprise that you are struggling with your identity in this new you, and many struggling with your finances and your relationships because all is being made new.

The financial sector must evolve into that of a 5D construct, where there is plenty for all and all needs are met, where honesty and truthfulness are expected and received in all banking transactions. This is the goal that we are striving for and that ultimately will be achieved. We see it as already done because in actuality it is. The old must crack and give way to the new. All is unfolding. The runway has had to be extended due to the relentless tenacity and trickery of the dark ones, who are so very lost and misguided that they choose suffering and separation opposed to healing and unity consciousness. All choices must be respected, yet their time of hindering is over.

Feel the winds of change on your tired faces. Relax your tense shoulders. You have born many burdens in this lifetime of lifetimes, this marathon of marathons. What a journey. You have every right and reason to be tired to the bone. But remember even your bones are coming online and within them lies your genetic history, your hidden talents, your soul journey memories that will shock, delight and surprise you.

Can you not see this is a microcosm of Source exploring Source? Can you understand yet that truly we are all one? That we are all united together in this Now, exploring the depths and heights of ascension? All is being recorded. What interesting life reviews you will have this time around! For you are doing it. Integration is not for the faint of heart. 

You are the warriors of old who came back this time around, to experience the grace and strength of the journey, to assist and to serve each other and most importantly dear Mother Gaia, who has suffered so much, it is almost unbearable to witness. So you heard the clarion call through the Omniverse and through streams of light consciousness you came, volunteering your light and experiences, and you trained through the most exhausting, extensive trainings for this incarnation and here you are. We are proud of you. We love you.

All is being made new. All is being made right. Be comforted. Find the comfort within and with each other. It is time for you all who are awake to band together, to exchange ideas and experiences, and to make ascension normal. Verbalize these changes within you. Talk about the ships you see sparkling in the night skies. They are here for you and eager to commune with you. You are bombarded with loving support. Accept it. Accept that you are worthy of it, of love, of great love. For you are.

We encourage you to receive your news from within rather than your controlled manipulative news sources. That will be made right too.

We are here for you, in loving support.

We are the Elders of Earth.


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