Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Disclosure Digest 10-24-17

 Aargh, There Be Dragons Matey!

The Dragon ascends to center stage as the Eagle turns Turkey in the USA Corp swamp:

She is a harbinger of NESARA governance ascendant worldwide (yes, America as well):

Creating a world that works for all beings, one Lighted Starseed at a time...Git Sum:
Here's another not-so-subtle censorship hack shriveling up under global internet scrutiny:

IMHO co-opted social media CIA cut-outs richly deserve intense and unrelenting disapproval:

Chris Hedges examines the rise of the US Gestapo in a long but thorough overview:

Which leads me to increased appreciation of the NYPD white hats leading the take-down of the global pedophilia cancer. Good folks survive in the most corrupted of institutions:

KP brings us this revealing compendium in his effervescent Mocha/Aloha style:

Yes, it's Maria reporting from another sunny beach, as usual...git sum Lightlover downloads:

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