Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Arcturian Update, Part 1 - You Are Not Alone


Via Suzanne Lie On 10-3-17

Blessings, We are the Arcturians, and we have come to you within this now to speak with you. Shawnna is also here to ask us some questions, and to assist in making the information something that is usable in your daily life.

Shawnna, would you like to begin by asking us a question?

SHAWNNA: Yes, thank you as always for being here to guide and assist us. Many of us have felt an increased intensity of energy fields. Since the eclipse, there are more amplified energy fields and a growing exposure to a higher and higher awareness. At the same time, you are getting a deeper connection to the planet.

It seems that this energy field has manifested in many ways for many people. As we’ve connected with our Leadership Group and our Interns, we’ve had some excellent conversations about how to get connected and to share stories in order to validate our experiences.

We wanted to bring some of that through, because you’ve helped us to understand on a deeper/higher level what’s actually occurring. Hence, there are many things to discuss. Would you like to begin with just an explanation of maybe what it is that we are all sensing in these ways? What has changed?

ARCTURIANS: What has changed is that we, your Galactic Family, as well as your self, are going through some “rough waters” that are moving into the next frequency of reality. Now there are many people that have no interest in moving into the next frequency of reality. Therefore, they have chosen a path which is very different from those who have chosen to move into the next frequency of reality.
Do you understand what we are saying now?


ARCTURIANS: And, there is no right or wrong way. Instead, each person is deciding within themselves whether or not they are ready to move beyond the third/fourth dimensional consciousness, and into their fifth dimensional consciousness. It takes a great deal of intention, dedication, research within yourself and communication with your own Higher Self and the guides that have lead you throughout your incarnation.

Then, those that have chosen this, as they would call the path less taken, those who have chosen to tread that path will go through the initiations of having everything look just like it was before with their third dimensional vision.

But something will feel different within themselves, and when they close their eyes and raise their consciousness to go into their Higher states of awareness, they will begin to know and see and feel something that is, indeed, resonating to a Higher Frequency.

Did you have a question or comment about that Shawnna?

SHAWNNA: Yes, just to clarify, back to the statement about those who are choosing this expanded reality of what we are calling “ascension of our planet into a fifth dimensional existence.”

This choice is compared to the choice in which the humans chooses to maintain the 3D version of fear, worry and staying entranced in that lower sense of consciousness.

Is this a bifurcation that we are speaking about?

ARCTURIANS: Yes, that is exactly what is occurring. There is a parting of the ways, so to speak. If you look to all of History, those who have moved into the dedication, intensity, meditation and remembering, remembering of their self, remembering of a reality that they have always had, but they forgot in the midst of a third dimensional experience.

Those who have dedicated themselves to that mission will be the portal openers and beyond opening the portals. They will be the ones that will shift their consciousness. Now their consciousness won’t just be shifted, it will be expanded. Many of you, our beloved ones, will maintain a physical vessel so that you can ground the energies that you are receiving and that you are saving.

In that manner, you are not just helping humanity to remember and know, you are helping Gaia to be able to feel and integrate this fifth dimensional, and beyond, frequency of thinking, and feeling. As the frequency of your thinking and feeling moves beyond the third dimension, you will find yourself at the entrance into, as well as the embracing of, A NEW WAY OF LIVING LIFE.

We want to hear from YOU! Let us know how you are doing and what you are experiencing.

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