Saturday, July 23, 2016

Disclosure Digest 7-23-16

Nobody on the American political stage is portraying a believable character and I fully expect that many surprises lie ahead as the deconstruction of the USA Corp. shadow governance picks up speed.
I strongly suggest you create some 'divine distance' from the media circus and all of it's insidious toxicity yet pay enough attention to reliable internet news sources so as not to be caught by surprise as the unraveling of team Dark proceeds. Remember; this chaos is a huge blessing!   

The Game Is Afoot!

Is Operation Gladio alive and well and achieving its aim of driving Europeans into a Police State? 

And now the Nice false flag operation is unraveling: 

Here's some encouraging news from the Northeast: 

The scope of Monsanto-Madness for all to see: 

Medicaid fraudsters busted in God's Waiting Room:

And, for good measure, The strongest Solar Flare of 2016:

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