Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Pleiadians: Preparing For First Contact, Chapter 14. Why Is There Still Darkness?

Channelled By Suzanne Lie On 7-6-16

Greetings, I am Sharman, back again to speak with you. I wish I could tell you of our latest adventures on Earth, but it is not yet safe enough to do so. We have heard many of you ask, “Why is there still darkness in our world?” Hence, that question will be the core of our message to you within your NOW.

Yes, there is still darkness in your reality, but there is more “Light” within your NOW than has been experienced in many generations of your “time.” Part of the reason why there is more “Light” is because you, our Volunteers to Gaia, have been expanding your consciousness into higher and higher dimensions.

Since your state of consciousness determines the frequency of reality that you are perceiving, and thus experiencing, more and more of you are silently slipping into fifth dimensional Earth. Since you are still experiencing the process of transmuting your reality into the next octave, you are having experiences of slipping in to and out of fifth dimensional Earth.

Simultaneously, Gaia is slipping into and out of Her fifth dimensional planetary expression. There is no stark line of demarcation between the dimensions on fifth dimensional Gaia, just as there are no boundaries between your human states of consciousness. Both people and planet are gradually adapting to a higher frequency of reality.

We, your Galactic and Angelic Family, are joyfully watching how our Grounded Ones are taking “two steps forward and one step back.” By that statement we mean that your consciousness, and thus your perceptions, are slipping into the fifth dimension, then falling back down into the third/fourth dimension when your physical world calls you to DO something or BE someone.

Over your many incarnations, you have all established a core sense of who you truly are and why you took an embodiment. Those of you who incarnated in the earlier years of planetary transmutation have had a “steeper hill” to climb.

However, the first pioneers into the conscious experience of the fifth dimension have left a “trail of breadcrumbs” for others to follow. Many of the first pioneers who were “finding the fifth dimension” have shared their experiences with others and taught what they have learned.

Since Gaia is such a diverse planet, there are many different types of people that will join together to fine-tune their specific process of transmuting themselves, their area and the entire planet to the octave leap into the fifth dimension.

More and more of you have learned that you can only perceive what your “state of consciousness” can believe. Thus, if you allow your state of consciousness to stay in the depths of the third dimension, then that is the only reality that you will perceive.

However, many of you are learning/remembering that when you expand your consciousness to include your fourth dimensional dreams and aspirations, you will find the portal to your fifth dimensional and beyond of your Multidimensional SELF.

The Portal of our fifth dimensional Self serves as a filter to release ALL resolved karmic patterns gathered during your third/fourth dimensional lives. This Portal also serves as an “octave filter” between the third/fourth dimension and the octave jump into the entirely different fifth dimension.

The fifth dimension is an octave up from the third/fourth dimension because it has a totally different operating system. One of the things that appear difficult to our “Returning Ones” is that they become very aware that they are just “wearing” their a third/fourth dimensional body.

They are realizing that they are NOT actually that body. Slowly, or quickly, the Ascending Ones – YOU – are releasing your addictions to the illusion of the third/fourth dimension. We say “addictions” because an addiction is often based on fear from the past, in the present or of an unknown future.

You, our Ascending Ones, are definitely moving into an “unknown future,” for in the fifth dimension and beyond YOU are the instant creator of your reality. In these higher dimensional realities your every thought and emotion becomes instantly manifest. Also, the fifth dimension and beyond is based on Unity with all life.

On the other hand, the third dimension is based on polarities, separations, and the cause and effect of Gaia’s time/space reality. Gaia is ready to transmute into Her fifth dimensional “Light planet” and is asking Her humans to give Her assistance by also transmuting into their fifth dimensional “Light bodies.”

However, in order for humanity to make this transition, they must “log out” of the third/fourth dimensional operating system of separation and domination and “log in” to the fifth dimensional operating system of unity and co-operation.

The polarities of Light and dark are no longer needed for you to master the physics of “energy out is energy back.” You, our brave Volunteers, are remembering that:

  • It is the personal mastery of your thoughts and emotions that creates your “state of consciousness.”
  • Then it is your “state of consciousness” that determines the frequency of reality that you perceive.
  • Then, for as long as you can maintain a fifth dimensional state of consciousness, your portal into the fifth dimension remains opened.
Because so many Grounded Ones have dedicated their life to assisting with planetary Ascension, the experience of fifth dimension consciousness is not as difficult as it was just a few years ago.

However, as soon as there is just one third/fourth dimensional thought or emotion, your consciousness easily returns to your familiar third dimensional thought, emotions, consciousness, and perceptions.

Then, you may have a vague memory of a “really cool place” that you just saw, heard, and/or felt, but you fell out of that experience because you had to “get back to your third dimensional tasks and responsibilities.”

“Next time, I will stay there longer!” you promise yourself. But, because the fifth dimension has no time or space, so your third dimensional brain cannot hold onto such an “impossible” thought.

Then your emotions come in and say, “What was that about?” And, you forget the entire experience. You are adapting to a new operating system that is totally different from your “time/space” operating system.

“Please be patient,” your fifth dimensional Self whispers into your consciousness. It will appear to take ‘time’ before you have finished downloading and adapting to your higher dimensional mental operating systems.”

“Downloading of what?” you ask as you have fallen out of your fifth dimension consciousness and quickly forgot what you were just thinking about. “Oh,” you say to yourself, I can’t worry about this now. I have to get back to work.”

In a few moments, that entire experience disappears from your 3D brain, as it cannot store the fifth dimensional frequency of light/information. Gratefully, the next time your consciousness expands back into the threshold of the fifth dimension, you will remember that you do NOT want to do any more “third dimensional work.”

You may not know what you mean by that statement, or how you will find the nerve to change your life. However, you had a quick NOW of a higher frequency of reality that you SO want to experience. “But, what about my family, my job, my bills, etc. etc.? How can I leave that?” asks your third dimensional self.

Back to the third dimension you go. But just about the “time” that you are ready to say, “Oh forget it. I am not sure if I even believe in this Ascension thing. And UFOs! I don’t know about that either.”

Then you get really depressed because the new life, the new You, the New Earth that you were yearning for has once again been lost and forgotten.

This experience has often been called “the dark night of the Soul” in which you will face your fears and doubts to find the YOU that you KNOW you are.

“But the world is so evil,” you say, trying to find a way to go back to being “just a victim.”

“Yes,” responds your Higher Self with whom you have established a temporary connection. “There is evil everywhere, but only in the lower frequency of reality!”

You vaguely hear that your Higher Self is trying to pull you out of the ditch you just created for yourself.

“You co-exist with those who chose to play the “good and evil” game,” continues your Higher Self, whom you can now just barely hear.

“Please listen,” pleads your Higher Self so loudly in your mind that you are distracted from that very important 3D work.

“As you move into your fifth dimensional consciousness, the concept of polarity and separation begins to leave your thoughts!”

Fortunately, you stop, just for a moment, because you vaguely hear your inner voice trying to guide you. Your Higher Self notes that you are paying attention and continues…

“You are expanding your consciousness into the higher frequencies of Light in which your own creative powers become manifest instantly. Within the NOW you can always think positively and live in constant connection with us, your Higher SELF.”

“But, who can do that in the midst of 3D life,” your 3D conscious whines.

Your inner, higher dimensional voice replies, “That is what you came to Earth to learn. You are learning that your EVERY thought and EVERY emotion has more and more creative powers as you move into the higher and higher frequencies of Light.

“Therefore, as you accept more and more of the higher Light into your conscious awareness, you can very quickly receive new creative ideas, inter-dimensional messages, see auras, etc. When you become the Master of your EVERY thought and emotion, you will be able to remain within your fifth dimensional consciousness.

“Then you will KNOW the TRUTH! Each person will KNOW the same Truth, but they will know it within their own personal, familial, locale, country, and continental manner.

“However,” continues your higher voice, “the first, and amongst of the most difficult challenges, is to ‘BELIEVE that what you are experiencing is REAL.”

“You have all read books and articles about an event, but most of you NEVER knew anyone who experienced it. But NOW, you are beginning to have brief flashes of another reality.

“However, it is not actually “another reality.” What you are briefly experiencing is another DIMENSION. You are briefly experiencing the fifth DIMENSION.

“Once you have even a quick glimpse of that dimension,” your Higher Self continues, “you will begin to ask yourself:

“Do I want to live my life in worry and fear, looking back at what I did NOT do? OR, do I want to live my life as a brave pioneer who is joining a huge migration into a higher octave of reality.”

“Gaia is a “free will” planet. Therefore, Ascension is your choice. However, you will only know about planetary Ascension after you have chosen to “briefly experience the fifth dimension.”

“Dear Grounded One,” your Higher Self continues, “You are learning to read the winds of change and Light Language so that you can progressively slip in to and out of the Fifth Dimension.

“Therefore, our dear Volunteer to take an Earth vessel during this NOW of great transmutation, we, the members of your Multidimensional SELF ask that you:
  • Share our experiences so that we can learn from each other…
  • Assist each other during your return to SELF…
  • Meet in Gaia’s Core to blend your personal energy with Gaia’s planetary energy…
  • Meet with each other on the Mothership…
  • Then, remember those meetings during your 3D life…
  • Document those meetings…
AND share those meetings/experiences with others…

We need YOU to create the sensation of SAFETY so others can find their own inner courage to totally trust the communications from their own inner SELF. Meeting in groups is very important because you can all see that you are not alone!

Every day, every hour, every minute more and more of YOU are awakening and remembering.

If you have some one to share your experiences with, you will be safe.

If you have some one to share with, you will be empowered.

If you have some one to share with, you will more easily remember:

WHO you are and WHY you took an Earth vessel within this NOW.
Your long “time” of feeling like a third dimensional human has made it difficult for many of you to totally trust your Inner/Higher Perceptions.

Also, and VERY important, you have been living a reality filled with deceit, lies and selfishness.

You have been living in a reality in which 3% (or so) of the people hold 80%, or more, of the money, AND of all the Power that money can buy. Worse yet, this 3% has ruled much of your government and created most of your “3D Laws.”

Perhaps the most difficult part of your Ascension has been that you could, did, or may succumb to the brainwashing that is everywhere in your current reality.

Please KNOW that as your consciousness increasingly expands into your fifth dimensional, Gamma Wave consciousness, you will perceive these low frequencies as if they are at the bottom of a deep ocean, while YOU are soaring into the skies to be directed by “the winds of change.”

FORTUNATELY, Every day, Every hour, Every minute, yet another person has found the way to download into their consciousness more and more of the higher Light that Earth is traveling through.

People may think that they “just had a vision,” or “remembered a dream.” However, having a vision or an important dream can often be opening a portal into the fifth dimensional reality. Then, YOU have this fifth dimensional experience, it is vital that you ground your experience:
In your consciousness,
In the core of Gaia
In your daily life,

As you continue your expansion into the NOW and the UNITY of the fifth dimension, more and more of YOU will live every day within the growing “pockets of fifth dimensional energy fields.”

When you, our Volunteers, live within these fifth dimensional energy fields, you greatly assist to ground the fifth dimensional frequency into the body of Gaia. Meanwhile, many people, maybe the majority of people, may appear to be totally oblivious to the transmutation of Earth.

Some people may think it means that they are sick, or that something is wrong, and they need help. If they get that help, if someone gives them the assistance to somehow integrate what is happening into their perception of reality, they too will slowly, or quickly, be able to expand their consciousness enough to integrate their fifth dimensional experiences into their daily life.

Integrating the fifth dimensional frequency into your third/fourth dimensional reality is much like adding red dye into a glass of clear water. It will take quite a few drops of red before the water becomes red, but eventually, drop-by-drop, the change will occur.

It is a scientifically proven fact that people can choose to NOT see something that many others can. Your perceptions are connected to your state of consciousness and to your “sense of self.”

Therefore, we ask that rather than trying to make someone experience what they have refused to perceive, assist them to raise their states of consciousness and expand their “sense of self” to include their Multidimensional SELF.

Once one can trust their self, they can begin to trust the dimensional version of their self that is assisting them. Then, they can “LET GO” in the manner that is necessary to transmute their consciousness, and then their body, into the next octave.

This process will feel exactly like death, but it is an amazing “death” filled with Unconditional love, Infinite Wisdom and Multidimensional Power. We are calling on YOU, our Awakened Ones who took an Earth vessel to assist with planetary Ascension, to assist your fellow humans to move through this unprecedented planetary Ascension!

We know that you CAN and WILL assist others, because assisting others is “The Crowning Jewel” that you have learned from your many incarnations on third/fourth dimensional Earth.

NOW, just as you beloved humans have assisted others,

We, your Galactic Family, ask that you answer the inner call to also assist Gaia.

We KNOW and SEE that many, many of you already are!

End of Transmission

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