Monday, July 11, 2016

The Creator Writings

This one's right from the 'nitty-gritty' bulletin board...git Sum!

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley On 7-11-12

Your Work Has Just Begun

You may have been feeling lately that, to advance spiritually, you will need to leave behind all that is familiar, comfortable and safe.  In the past, when the consciousness level of your Earth plane was lower, that may have been true, but not today….not in this moment.

Yes, there will be some people that fall away from your existence because they choose not to grow, but do not let that stop you!  You manifested here, in this time and in this place to assist the raising of vibration of humankind.  Please do not turn your back your ‘work’.  You will not be left alone or abandoned because there is a multitude doing the very same thing!  This time, this now is the most important thing that has ever happened and you are. ~ Creator

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