Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Lightbringers: A New Cornerstone For Human Interaction

Via Nancy Van Dommelen On 7-16-16

We welcome you, our dear friends. It is a most auspicious time to be in communication with you. We have had a long established connection with many of you down through the years and have welcomed newcomers as you have joined us. This contact between the realm of spirit and the Earth plane has been strong and true for many years. It will be available for some time since the level of trust has been firmly established and is fully operational.

During these trying times on your planet, contact with higher realms of consciousness is imperative in order to have an awareness of the deeper significance regarding the outer events that are unfolding with ever increasing intensity. Unchecked violence is the order of the day all over the globe. Death and suffering occur regularly and seem to be increasing without any indication that an end is in sight.

Our role here is to assure you that everything causing pain and suffering is part of a massive purification process that is elevating the consciousness of humanity as it begins to leave the density of the third dimension and moves into the higher realms of the fourth dimension and beyond. The people of Earth are emerging from a long held cocoon-like state, which was preparatory in nature in order for necessary change to occur.

We ask that you take a look at the painful events of recent weeks with a spiritual perspective. Events causing terror and death provide the breeding ground for peace and love to arise in ever increasing ways. It is like a garden being seeded with a new crop, which is stronger and more beneficial. Can you not see the emergence of love and light that accompanies each violent act? They are there and are gaining in strength.

The entire planet is being aerated and prepared for a major shift in consciousness. We ask that you watch carefully as future events unfold. See them as necessary for the spiritual growth of your planet and all those of you currently living on her surface. You knew before you came to Earth that you would live during a time of great upheaval and agreed to serve and assist in a way specific to you alone.

We ask that you begin to see yourself in this broader context if you have not already done so. You are a participant in a major evolutionary step that is unfolding with ever greater intensity. We ask that you take a quiet moment to pause and reflect upon the past ten years of your life. What has been their major theme? Have you changed and are you different in any significant way?

Do you see yourself as a spiritual being assisting in Earth’s transformation into a higher state of consciousness? It is imperative that you have a deeply established conviction of who you are and why you are here. This conviction is necessary and will sustain you in the period of testing that lies ahead. When one sees life through a spiritual lens, a higher good is always evident no matter what is happening at an outer level.

We urge you to always seek the higher good in every event that seems outwardly to be manifesting its opposite. The higher good is always there, but it takes the eye of spirit to recognize it. Seeing the higher good in a time of trial and testing causes an energetic shift to occur that is transformative in nature. It truly is creating a new reality very different from the old way of being.

Last month we talked with you about activating the power of the heart. Love and respect are needed to shift the dark negativity emerging all over the planet. If love and respect can enter as a healing force every time a violent thought or act occurs, transformation is achieved on many different levels. From a spiritual standpoint, it is important that you have the courage to bring love and respect into all of your life circumstances no matter how trying.

It is also important that you see yourself as part of an interactive universe. There is much activity occurring at an unseen level all about you. Spiritual and other worldly assistance is always available whenever needed. Even though you may not be able to see these forces, they are there and can assist you in many ways you may not have recognized as possible.

It is now time for you to expand awareness of your world as it truly is. Step outside the three dimensional box and attune to the richness that surrounds you at all levels. Begin to see the ebb and flow of energy and notice how it shifts and changes as the force of mind and heart are directed to it. You have friends in spiritual realms that provide assistance that may not be known but is always there.

For many years there has been awareness that you can change your reality. It is done by simply offering love and respect wherever it is needed. If love and respect is the cornerstone for all human interaction, a new reality will emerge and become anchored within the human condition. Once a more evolved standard is established in the field of human relationships, life on your planet will shift into a higher form. Honor your role in helping this transformation occur.


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