Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Message from the 'Team': You Are A Codes Of Light Activator

From Peggy Black On 7-19-16

We are here, offering you our gratitude and deep respect as you continue to anchor consciousness of light into this dimension and timeframe. We are here also to offer our support, encouragement and the gentle reminder that you are a powerful transformer of misqualified energy. You could easily call yourself a code of light activator.

As a multidimensional being of light frequencies and consciousness, you have the physical body that is required to interface with the dense frequencies of matter and this reality. We have observed that the physical experience often becomes your total focus.

We are aware that there is a certain amount of focus required to maintain and operate your physical form and existence.  We continue to remind you that you are pure conscious light housed, so to speak, within your body.

The time has come for you to remember yourself as this pure conscious light and to begin to understand just how the light can and does influence the reality of your experience.  You are becoming aware that your body is only a vehicle for anchoring these divine light codes into this matrix and collective consciousness.

The limited patterns and belief systems that are so prevalent on your planet are being exposed.    Consciousness is manipulated through fear, hatred, prejudice, violence and all misqualified energies and emotions. These dense frequencies and life-diminishing energies can be contagious, communicable, and transmittable.

You are observing the chaos of violence that is occurring worldwide. This chaos that is observed activates any insecurities for your own well-being and that of your loved ones. When any violence, unkind deed or word is expressed and witnessed, it triggers and touches you in the most sensitive place of your empathic sensitivity. 

The first reaction is to push back, to judge and to condemn. Yet this only adds energy to the very thing that triggered your emotions and point of view of the wrongness of what has occurred.

We are not invalidating your reaction or your compassion for the horrific acts that occur. We know you as caring, loving, conscious being of light.

Most of those embodied at this time are using their divine creative abilities upside down and backwards. They focus and push against the very things, actions and events that they are wanting to transform. Remember whatever focused energy is offered to the quantum field, the energy field of this planet, will manifest.

So when fear, hatred or prejudice is expressed it will trigger the same frequencies or emotions of belief in others. Therefore, the misqualified energies and actions continue to expand and spread.  Pushing against anything adds to its energetic power.

These misqualified energies and actions have occurred on your planet for eons of time. Yet now, with all the new technologies, these terror breeding events and actions are broadcast immediately. The collective focus becomes one of horror, fear, deep sadness, grief, anger/rage and repression.

All of these emotional frequencies are considered misqualified; they are emotions that keep humanity locked into a dilemma of limited expression of your divine creative abilities.

You are awake and aware of who you are as a multidimensional being. You are beginning to understand that you truly carry codes of light that can and will shift the dysfunction and misuse of emotional frequencies. You are here on this planet to transform the misqualified energy that you encounter or observe.

Everyone is in vibrational communication with the collective consciousness and the energy frequencies of this planet Earth. You truly incarnated to do this work and to offer these uplifting light codes to all you encounter.

Remember that light is information, light blesses the darkness with the gift of luminous understanding. You are a carrier of light. You are a being of light.

Begin to place your focus on any tragic event, misqualified energy or action as if you were a beam of conscious light, offering love, compassion, forgiveness, awareness and awakening.  Seed these events with light consciousness. Surround the individuals, the action, with light, healing light.

Read your newspapers, watch your media and use your awareness of who you are as a creator, as a carrier of light codes, and envision a reality that is life-sustaining. Anchor your lightbody into this electromagnetic and geomagnetic energy field of your Earth.

  Realize that you can focus and send your light frequencies into the matrix and collective consciousness. You are powerful beyond measure. Begin to own that realization. You are not at the mercy of all that is occurring, you are here to transform the very things that trigger your emotions. You are here to assist in the birth of the consciousness of light within humanity.

Every human carries codes of light as the multidimensional beings of divine consciousness that they are. Most humans take their first and last breath unaware of these codes of light consciousness within.  Usually when one embodies into this dimension they empathically match the frequencies of the dense misqualified energy and emotions.

However, when you are aware that you carry this frequency and these codes of light you can and will transmit this awareness to others. You will begin to activate, trigger and stimulate the personal awakening within others.

Remember everything that exists is a frequency or vibration. So to shift or transform any experience you are required to shift the frequency or vibration that you are offering.

Join together with other like-minded individuals and begin to send a focused beam of transforming light awareness and information codes to any collective misconceptions, limited beliefs and misqualified actions or energy.

Be the inviter of the infinite assembly of non-physical divine beings of light and love. Begin truly to work in partnership with these beings of light.  We can only support and assist when invited by someone who is in physical form in this free will environment. 

So we are encouraging you continue to offer your uplifting, transforming vision that will birth a new reality. We are encouraging you to recognize and own your personal power to offer and seed this dimension with your personal codes of light. It is your willingness and intention that carries these electrometric frequencies of light that will triggers the codes of light in others.

We are honored that you heard our message. We acknowledge you once again for your courage and dedication to this work and service. We are always available to support you upon your invitation. Know that you are seen and appreciated with our deepest gratitude. the 'team'

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