Sunday, August 6, 2017

Disclosure Digest 8-6-17

Eclipse This!

 Let's start with Stephanie Austin's EcoAstrologyUpdate: Aquarius-Leo Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse:

Arjun Walia does a really readable overview of the significance of the August Opportunities:

Sandra Walter puts it all into her unique Goddess Perspective; git sum:
 Oliver Stone is such a reliably sane voice I'd enjoy him reading the phone book:
The Cabal seems to be eating it's young, vilifying them it the Light of public disclosure, hoping that we'll accept their offering of more straw-dogs under the bus. Not: 

Speaking of the young, here's one for all you parents out there:
Bro Beckow does a masterful analysis of some prevalent, Orwellian double-speak:

And while he's at it, how about a Reval Redux from the GAoG site:

Herein, PCR eloquently rants on the undoing of our Team Dark Ministry of Propaganda:

We close with a message/prayer from Maria Bethencourt, our Lightlover in Florida:


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