Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Lightbringers: The Year 2017 And Accessing Higher Dimensions

Channelled By Nancy Van Dommelen

The Solar Eclipse’s Spiritual Message

We welcome you, our dear friends. We come to you at a most auspicious time – a pivotal period in humanity’s spiritual journey. Later this month on August 21st, a full solar eclipse in the United States will wend its way from the farthest reaches of the west, cross the country, and exit into the Atlantic Ocean. Americans from west to east will be able to view this event in its entirety. There has been a high level of interest and anticipation countrywide.

From the earliest times, solar eclipses have been important events with a wide variety of interpretations applied to them. Some cultures thought that eclipses were harbingers of oncoming disasters and initiated many different kinds of sacrifices to appease the gods. No matter how they were viewed down through the ages, at the very least they caused unease with an accompanying sense that they were events not readily understood.

The past recognition regarding the significance of solar eclipses was important even though their true function was unknown to most. These events have a profound significance spiritually. When the light of the sun is blocked by the moon moving in front of it, the electromagnetic force field of Earth is impacted in a direct and powerful way. It is as if a period of stasis occurs, a veritable pause, no matter how brief in the affairs of human beings on the planet.

It is as if the life force of the sun is halted so that a profound spiritual truth can stand unobstructed and visible for those with eyes to see. We would like to offer a spiritual interpretation regarding the true meaning of the August solar eclipse as it relates to the United States of America and its course in the history of humanity. It is significant that the eclipse crosses the country clearly in the view of millions of Americans.

It is bringing a message of extreme importance to incarnating souls living within the boundaries of the United States. Astrologically, August 21st falls in the final degrees of the sign of Leo. This sign encapsulates the human qualities of strong personal ego, creativity and love. The eclipse is bringing the message that this current human experience is passing away to be replaced by a new spiritual theme, which is not yet known to incarnating souls on the planet.

There has been an extended period of emphasis on the development of the human personality and ego in order to form the foundation for a vibrant and powerful national state. Personal leadership was an ongoing prerequisite for advancement in a given field. Other necessary personal prerequisites were often secondary and overlooked resulting in the creative process being dominated by a majority of individuals who operated from ego positions.

Gradually and inexorably over time, a shift of major proportions has been emerging. There is a growing awareness that interactions that are heartfelt in nature produce satisfying results in an easier and more productive way. Given what is occurring on the national level in the United States, it seems that what we have said here is simply not true. The political discord, however, is providing a fertile field for change because of the discomfort it is causing on many different levels.

More and more people are becoming aware that interactions that are heart felt in nature are more successful in the long run. Gradually and inexorably, a shift will grow. The current form of leadership is not sustainable in all walks of life. In the decades ahead when people look back to this period, they will be able to identify the shift which is difficult to discern at the present time.

The current solar eclipse is bringing the message that a new day is dawning. The time of personal ego dominance is ending. Heart felt human interaction will stimulate creativity far beyond what can be imagined at the present time. As this awareness surfaces at a conscious level, many aspects of life will shift, but it will not happen quickly or easily.

In order to sustain yourself during this difficult time, watch carefully for any example of positive heart felt interaction appearing in your life or witnessed on a broader scale. See it as a promise to you for what is coming even though it does not appear to be so. Let the examples you encounter buoy you up. Most of all, commit to operate with loving behavior as often as possible. It is the single most positive thing you can do in life.


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