Friday, August 4, 2017

Disclosure Digest 8-4-17

Earth Protectors Ascendant

Standing up for Mother Earth by Indegenous Tribes in the Amazon is a powerful thing:

The Cabal were of a mind to orchestrate their final takeover of our planet from the (now collapsed) underground facility below DIA. The rest of the Satanic trappings will disappear shortly from view:

In our Curmudgeons Corner we have Seymour Hirsch, a real journalist; courtesy of PCR:

Are you ready for Bernie Resurgent?  He's certainly got the right ideas to bring to the meritocracy: 

After a year of retreat Meline Lafont offers us this channelling from her Sirian crewmates:

Speaking of the Sirians how about the expectant behavior of our Cetacean relatives:

 Sheldan Nidle is the 'dean' of Sirian channellers in my book; here's his latest message:

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