Monday, August 14, 2017

Micro To Macro Dream Time

Channelled By Brenda Hoffmann On 8-11-17

Dear Ones,
Maybe you believe you have removed yourself from 3D creations. We beg to differ for your thoughts are, for the most part, a repeat of what you have been taught is correct instead of creating your new world order.

Even though you might feel as if you are creating something new, we venture to guess that if you removed the word new from the object or objects of your attention, your creation would be similar to creations in your 3D world.

That is not to say you cannot dream of a new home or relationship, but instead for you to review what you wish to achieve with those new pieces. If your dream is for you to shine in the world in whatever fashion takes your fancy, you are not creating something new, you are merely replicating your 3D world with a few more bells and whistles.

Such a thought is likely either frightening or maddening. What right do we have to inform you that you are not progressing – for indeed, that is what we are telling you?

You cannot return over and over to 3D dreams and expect a 5D result. That is not to say you are incorrect for dreaming of a new home or relationship, but instead to encourage you to think beyond 3D dreams. What do you wish to achieve with a new home or relationship? Personal freedom, love, joy? Think outside the box.

It is not wrong to dream 3D dreams, but the result of those 3D dreams needs to be in a 5D or beyond framework.

A new home is perfectly fine but to what end? Your current end-products are more about 3D than 5D or beyond goals.

Perhaps you beg to differ with thoughts that a new person or object would shift your life dramatically. It would not. For you are dreaming of pieces outside yourself.

Someone or something cannot make you more whole or joyful – only you can. Yet, you continue to focus on something outside yourself to make you happy.

We fully realize that because you have done so for eons, it is a habit that has been deeply ingrained – a habit that ended the moment you were of 5D or beyond.

It is time for you to create your dreams – but not necessarily in the way you have approached those dreams. Most often, your dreams are related to others and how they will be affected or how others will affect you.

Let us dissect the dream of a new home. In 3D, you would entertain thoughts of personal comfort, as well as how you could impress your family and friends. You would accept your new home’s beauty until it became boring preparing you for a change such as new furniture or another new home. In 5D, you would move into a home that felt so right you would not care what others thought. It would be a home filled with love from you and from whoever entered. And once that love was satiated you might find the need to move – or not.

The difference is melding with your new object so that the two of you become one in the greatest sense of the word – so that your home is you. Or that all your relationships are initiated as two separate entities that eventually create a third loving, more complete entity.

Again, this is a new sensation that you have not yet tested so it is you cannot quite understand the fullness of which we speak.

Your 5D or beyond dreams are not about being better than, different from, or more loving than someone else. Your 5D dreams are about creating anything that blends with you to the extent that you are one. Your dream creations complete you in ways you cannot do yourself – they are an extension of you. You and your dream creations are as one. And even though each of you could live without the other, in a 5D world your joint creation enhances both.

The Internet has changed your life in many ways. Even though you could live without it, the Internet enhances your life – and so it is with the automobile and the airplane. All items created by 3D humans that changed your earth life.

You are starting on a similar path – but individually. What can you create that enhances your personal life?

Perhaps that last thought sounds selfish. Such is not the case for as you enhance your life, you enhance the life of all. That is the difference between 3D and 5D creation – at least for now. You are not changing the world with creations of a global magnitude, but instead, creations that enhance you and only you.

For this transition is from micro to macro instead of macro to micro as was true in 3D. You are not creating for anyone but you. That creation or creations will only change the world because you change as a result.

Does that mean you should not invent something that has global applications such as a protein rich plant or a new form of transportation? No, merely that such a creation would be for your joy having little to do with how it could change the world or create financial freedom.

For those of you still not quite understanding the nuances of this shift. Do and be what gives you joy and you will change the world. Do and be what others admire or expect and you will remain a 3D creator. So be it. Amen.

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