Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Disclosure Digest 10-19-21


Please Enjoy This Full Moon

We're-Almost-There Digest

Stephanie Austin bestows on us this fine EcoAstrology: Aries-Libra Full Moon Report; Grok Sum:

Steve Rother is still with us bringing in the Galactics with Style, Panache and Clarity; grok Sum:

James McConnell is a trusted channeller who always seems to bring through spot-on Messages:

Denise has got a few very Salient Points in this one, well worth slogging through the Whining:

Even as her husband prepares to drop body Blossom still finds the energy to Channel for Us:

Our CGI demon-Pope is reading his globalist talking points right on Q; Is this Biblical enough for Ya?

A Three Witches bundle for your metaphysical consideration and edification; a true Ponderfest

Tarot by Janine is spot on and forecasts some Major Disclosures and Habbennings coming real Soon:

Let's call this the Imminent Ascension Bundle:

IMO he was in the care of his angels/guides the whole time& he did what he was told, thus Surviving:

Here's three for the road from Mr. All-That-Is, our perennial last word Generator:

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