Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Disclosure Digest 10-27-21



 We Rapidly Approach Another

JFK Moment In History

It Will Be Biblical




Here comes a Yuge Red Pill so grab yer popcorn and buckle up Snowflakes!

Janine decodes the Tarot on People in the News, the WORLD and Animals! 20 minutes well Spent: 

Here's some more accelerated Bidan regime self-destruction on display; goin' headlong to the Cliff: 

The road to Zombie Apocalypse is paved with i-Phones and Borg nanotech; wakey, Wakey: 

Git yer Sentient bank account & a free Glass Pad Quantum Internet unit just for signing up; oh Yeah:

I like this ‘medicine’ thinly sliced & tossed with fresh Dill and Umeboshi Plum Vinegar; Enjoy!

Please enjoy this curatid Troika of Celestial Insights for your Enlightened consideration; grok On: 

Creator, with some help from his biological telephone Jennifer Farley, closes us out in Style:

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