Friday, October 1, 2021

Disclosure Digest 9-30-21


Somebody Get That Kid Off The Set!

He's Ruining The Take...

The lighter side of our Collective NDE, or How I stopped worrying  & learned to Love the Chaos:

Methinks Australia is going down the Highway-To-Hell so the rest of Us don't have to make the Trip:

It's Hammer Time for [TD]…all the elements for a Black Swan Event are now Present; Andalé:

A real Anon digging on the coming demise of The Matrix: New Matrix movie trailer dig & MJ12:

Another in a seemingly never-ending string of Vaxatopia Disclosure Bundles,  an acquired Taste:

Please scan the OP-DIS posts from Judy and learn to skip the Boiler-plate sections you've already Seen:

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