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This Vintage Matthew Message Is Spot On For NOW

Matthew’s Message For Nov. 17, 2005

Via Suzy Ward

The battle between the light and the dark forces is not for bodies, it is for SOULS. This battle is raging universally, and on Earth, the power of the dark is ebbing from all areas where formerly control was complete. FEAR is their most powerful tool because the energy of fear blocks light from entering the hearts and minds of humankind on your planet.

The dark forces off-planet, which are using their Illuminati puppets to carry out their bidding, know the universal laws regarding thought forms and their manifestations, and the more fear-filled thought forms that are created on Earth, the greater chance the dark forces have to capture the souls residing there. This is why the oft-repeated messages from high light beings urge: DO NOT GO INTO FEAR! …

I know from your thoughts, not only your paper list, that another group of questions is from people in several countries who are asking the same thing: Are their leaders Illuminati and what role do their countries have in the ascension process? Whether Australia or Scotland, Italy or Germany, England or Singapore, and all other countries with economic status, yes, your leaders are Illuminati.

The Illuminati are at the peak of governments and legal systems; royalty; religions; mainstream media; banking; education, health care and entertainment industries; and international corporations—in short, every organization and agency that influences life on Earth.

This is why you have been so easily controlled, why deception and corruption have so long prevailed with little resistance, why Earth no longer can tolerate the negativity amassed by the abuse of free will, and why your space family has been given permission to help you break this chain of lies, greed and tyranny.

As the light has been increasing on your planet, it is reaching some of the Illuminati, and while this is not evident yet, the stirrings of the heart are happening and transformation in leaders will come or they will leave their positions by one means or another. Unjust laws in all lands, especially those described as “Draconian,” will be overturned by the will of the people, if not by the leaders themselves.

In this battle of the light to wrench Earth free from the last clutches of the darkness, there are no national boundaries, just as there are no cultural, ethnic, racial, gender, religious or economic boundaries. This is an undivided world of individual souls radiating their light wherever they are, with each as important as all others.

You are where you are for good reason. You came to participate in this unique time on Earth and you chose your genetic and environmental elements because they’re needed for your primary mission, which also is your soul’s selection.

Your mission doesn’t come printed on your birth certificate, so how do you know what it is? To all of you who are asking this, I say: Your mission prepares you with intelligence, talents, skills and various strength levels, and gives you guidance as intuition, inspiration, aspirations, perceptions and instinct—your soul’s messages to your consciousness.

When you are heeding your inner voice, the nudgings of your Godself, you are in a “space” of serenity and acceptance. Some speak of this pervasive peaceful sensation as “surrender”—“Give up and give God”—and it is that, but too often it is misinterpreted and thought of as relinquishing control of your life.

No! It is GAINING control of your life! By surrendering all of your fears and anxieties, your doubts and regrets and guilt to a higher power for resolution, you consciously flow in harmony with God as the god or goddess you are, living the purposeful experience you chose. …

The dark forces are counting on none of you using your powers of manifestation to create the abundance you can if you believe you can.  You who are doing this, please spread the word that can help to alleviate financial fears.

But to deal with the reality of the global psyche, which still is aligned with need rather than abundance, yes, there will be hardships for many due to economic manipulation, and in the short term, these can be lessened by exactly what the writer mentioned—the sharing of gifts, or resources, freely.

This can be outright giving or bartering—an exchange of skills, tools, materials, talents, labor, food, water, fuel, whatever some have that others need—or sharing residences, child care, care for the ill, gardening and food preparation.

Above all, have faith in your ability to successfully meet the challenges and be steadfast in your light; you knew when you chose this lifetime that this would be part of it, and you “signed up” for the strength and wisdom to make it through!

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