Monday, September 6, 2021

Disclosure Digest 9-6-21



It's Really Showtime, Frens  

And This Blog Remains...


Please enjoy this timely EcoAstrology: Virgo New Moon report from kind Stephanie Austin, MA:

This is no time to work on your fence-sitting skills; just two choices - the Long way Home or the Short:

We open this Medical Mafia Bun with a good rant from our Murdering Maggot Files; git Sum!

The Nazi vaccine passport scams are extremely unpopular around the world; you could look it Up:

Breaking News From Uranus and other fun Bee Stings to enjoy and share with your good Frens:

From our Get Woke-Go Broke! Files & Dave Chappelle on the black Face of white Supremacy...

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