Sunday, September 26, 2021

The Plan To Save the World



Posted On 9-25-21 By Coach Jerry

“The Alliance’s Plan was no doubt a massive undertaking, partly because of the sheer volume of “geopolitical cleansing” necessary and partly because of the degree of deception & power the satanic Deep State Cabal has managed to acquire, particularly in the past 75 to 100 years.If the number of worldwide participants in this sick Cabal were only one tenth of one percent of the world’s population, (sounds about right), that would mean nearly 7 million of these knuckleheads are actively involved in nefarious activities to undermine and destroy our humanity.

“Such “cleansing” is a massive effort. Thus, I have grown to truly appreciate and admire The Alliance and their “secret plan”. Albeit, generally speaking and like everyone else, I’m a retrospective spectator, “seeing things” after the fact. Of course, the Alliance’s biggest challenge is getting a largely “sleeping / blue-pilled” population, to wake up.

“The Plan appears 3-fold:

(1) To slowly, methodically educate the still uninformed and unaware masses. As such, this so called “Movie” we are watching is really an educational documentary of sorts. 

(2) To work militarily, behind the scenes, as much as possible, while disrupting, disarming and permanently destroying the geopolitical power structure of these twisted Satanist.

(3) To implement a new financial system across all governments, financial markets, businesses and communities (accountability), such that this kind of corruption & satanic sickness can never regain political and economic power again. Never, ever!

“The Alliance is doing all the aforementioned while working (on the surface) within the current system of technology, resources and legal government services – a massive undertaking indeed. 

“The AZ audit was simply outstanding! Without discussing any evidence of vote flipping, corrupt voting machines or altered servers, the presentation revealed several major inconsistencies and voting irregularities. 

“The Administrative perpetrators in AZ obviously cheated. They obviously got caught and they obviously attempted to cover up their corruption. In short, the Deep State was “Ricky Ricardo-ed” beautifully by this audit. Even those in the live, in-house audience could not withhold their gasping and laughter during the presentation. And, “Lucy has got some ‘splain-ing to do!”

“Yes, our retrospective vantage point is an emotionally tough position to be in… very frustrating at times. But it’s far better than total ignorance, wouldn’t you agree? 

“The Deep State MSM Satanic media will never merely throw up their hands and say “Ya got me!,” or “Here’s the truth!” Why? Because the degree of evil and the crimes against children they continue to hide is beyond imagination. Personally, after watching the AZ audit release, my resolve has only been multiplied. 

“Q is right. These people are stupid. The Alliance is definitely winning. More massive truths on the way… Step-by-step! Where We Go One, We Go All.” …Coach Jerry 


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