Friday, September 17, 2021

Disclosure Digest 9-17-21


 Let's Get Into The Spirit Of These Times


Props to Suzanne M for the collation and the fine illustration of these pithy Angelic Downloads:

It's been a good week for channelled messages of an unusually High quality so please Ponder On:

This fine  troika of Light-language Missives will surely Illumine your Path...or not; git sum Anyways:

The energy/light names are  a bit weird yet much of the metaphysics resonates; three from Era of Light:

Here's a fun Starseeded Selection of messages from 'the Rafters'; guwaan en' grok sum big sky Mind:

Creator has been waiting for oceans of time in the 'wings' for just this divine Now moment; Mazel Tov:

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