Saturday, September 18, 2021

Disclosure Digest 9-18-21


 More Space Juice !

You Get Sum?

The Galactic Ascension Energies now streaming in will bring All that is Hidden clearly into View:

Vax-Insanity runs rampant through the shuffling, fully masked herds of very sleepy sheeple: Kekfest:

The old fiat economy is collapsing, quietly, behind all the LSM gaslighting; very encouraging Stuff:

Don’t miss an enthralling moment of Scrotumgate as Nicky Minaj goes ‘Viral’ on Covid:

The Borg are already here and Jon Rappoport, muckraker extraordinaire, paints the full Picture:

Guess 'Who' gets the closing remarks again? (Please don't answer in comments, I never read Them):

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