Thursday, September 16, 2021

St. Germain: Fight For Your Rights

Channeled Via James McConnell On 9-29-21


 I am your Saint Germain. I come to be with you at this time to continue to assist you, all of you, in moving through this illusionary process that you are in.

That you can find yourself moving beyond the illusion and seeing the reality beyond the illusion in the metaphysical world, even at times seeing into multidimensional frequencies, which some of you are beginning to experience more and more. And all of you will begin to experience this at various times now as we move forward.

Because your central nerve system has become acclimated much, much more to these energies. And in so doing, you can now focus more and more on your third eye, opening that third eye. And of course, these 5D glasses are a tool to help you to utilize your third eye. It is what these are for, to open your third eye. 

To give you a tool, an expression, something that you can understand. Something that is not just an oblong blur, something that is vague, but something that is real. Glasses are real to you. So with these glasses you can see what is really there outside of the illusion, beyond the illusion, beyond the veil. The more that you allow yourselves to do that, the more that you will find that you will not be held down or held back within the illusion any longer. For you find that you will be able to lift up much quicker than you could before. Whereas before you would read something or listen, and it would bring you down, because you would feel the weight of the world upon your shoulders. You would feel the energy, the feelings, the emotions of the collective consciousness. But no longer will you have to do that. For you are moving beyond that expression. More and more of you are doing this, and more will do this.

It is not time to go along. It is not time to comply. It is not time to capitulate. It is time to fight. It is time to realize the sovereign beings that you all are. All all have the right–the rights to your own body, to your own emotion, to your feelings. To your love expression. You all have that right. And no one can take that right away from you unless you allow them to.

That is the expression that those of the dark forces are attempting to do. To see how far they can push. How far they can push people to go along. How much they can continue to hold control. They are finding more and more that they cannot, but yet they push a little bit more.

Always, as we have said many times, running the same playbook that they have always run. That playbook is completely understood now by those of us and the Alliance. And all are working against that playbook now to bring you further and further along out of the illusion.

You are coming to a point now very, very soon where the illusion for many of you, most of you, will have dropped completely. For you will no longer pay much attention to it because you will realize that it is not the truth. That you have been lied to your entire lives and lifetimes before this. But because of who you all are, coming from many different systems, to come here and assist in this awakening process, because of all that, you are ready now to move beyond the illusionary expression. All it takes is continually raising your awareness and allowing the new programming that those of us, and your Guides, and your Higher Self, are all bringing into you now, upgrading your DNA, assisting you in opening your third eye more and more, so that you can see the beauty, you can feel the beauty all around you.

The times of the old are passing by quickly, and the old three-dimensional expression is falling away fast. And it must fall away. It must crumble. It must crumble to nearly nothing, so that something new and exciting can be built upon it.

It is almost as if civilization of the past that moved through a calamity of some kind, some type of catastrophe, and buried that civilization down under tons and tons of earth. That is what you are looking at now: the end of the old civilization as you know it, and the rising up, in a sense the rising of the Phoenix from the ashes. This is what is in process. This is what you are looking forward to. This is what you are all here to experience, that you came here to experience.

It is time now for both the evolution and the revolution to take hold more and more.

I am Saint Germain, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And always, that the Violet Flame continues to purge out the old programming, the old programming that is no longer needed within each and every one of you.

 Full Channelled Message HERE -

(Sunday Call 21.08.29 (St. Germain, OWS, Shoshanna)

James & JoAnna McConnell)

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