Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Ashian: You Are Magical

Via Jennifer Crokaert On 8-29-21


As the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, it dissolves its old body; as the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis, it has to fight its way free so that its wings are strong enough to fly.

This is where you are: you are melting the old you, and fighting your way free. This fight is not a literal one for most of you, it is symbolic. It is owning your truth and defining what is truth for you, what is meaningful in your life. It is the act of creation and ownership of your creation.

Your divine power has been hidden from you: you are magical. You are powerful creators, who are capable of far more than you realise, even now. You are so powerful that it has taken millenia to convince you that you are powerless. That time is over.

Why do you think there are so many manifestation courses for health, wealth and happiness now? It is because the limiting matrix has been dissolving and increasing numbers of people have released their innate power to create and wanted to share this secret with others.

Your power to create is not about manifesting a fast car and a big house. Your power runs much deeper than physical objects.

Yours is the power to create heaven on earth, to live as fully creative divine beings, in complete alignment with divine laws and perfection. It is nothing less than owning that you are divine, that you are God.

While that is a massive step for some, for those who have been on the path of enlightenment, that is a natural truth that elicits a feeling of perfection in your hearts. What is perfection?

Perfection is not found in flawlessness, it is innately appreciating the ‘is-ness’ of what is: just as it is.

Perfection is not found in possessions, it is found by living in harmony with your heart.

Perfection is yours to create in this now moment, when you drop from your mind and your thoughts into your heart. Your heart is the gateway to your divine essence, your perfection, your magical power.

Passing through the gateway of the heart is simple, but it requires commitment, a gentle patience with yourself to keep returning to your heart. Your divine heart is your compass in life. When you allow yourself to abandon fear and follow your divine essence of love – that which gives you joy, peace and freedom – you are following your personal ‘true north’.

True north is a magnetic alignment, it is the point where the flow of universal energy – divine love – enters Gaia. That energy fuels her and all who reside upon and within her. As you tap into what makes you feel joy, peace and freedom in your life, you are harnessing the power of your true north.

You will notice that it is not possessions, wealth or positions that make you feel joy, peace and freedom. These are 3D distortions, ego-driven expressions of freedom and joy. At a deeper level, you will have discovered that it is self-expression, creativity, communicating with the divine (whether through meditation, nature, art, movement or any other way), nurturing relationships and sharing your passion with others (which is service) that create a rich and fulfilling life.

You are magical.
You are being asked to create your magical lives now; to truly notice the moments of joy in your life today, and to nurture those moments in your heart so that you may create more magic – and notice what the magic that you have created – in your lives every day.

You are not given the magic; like the butterfly, you must own your release from the chrysalis, then your magic can never be taken from you again. When you have fought for it, when you have created it, then you own it: your are your magic and your life reflects the magical power of your divine essence.



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