Saturday, August 28, 2021

911 Armageddon


Posted by Teri Wade On 8/28/21

911 was a staged ritual event to open the timeline of destruction to this planet. The Negative Alien Agenda (NAA) effectively declared war against the Earth population on September 11, 2001. This ritual was a public sacrificial ceremony announcing their New World Order plan. The destruction of the Twin Towers and Blood Sacrifice of those killed at the World Trade Center was intended to be the line drawn in the sand to show the Negative Alien Agenda (NAA) were proceeding with their full domination and slavery agenda of humanity and Earth. This event brought forward what became known as the 911 Timelines, the institution of the false reality timelines in order to take planet Earth into an AI Assimilation Timeline. Basically, they inserted an Armageddon software mind control program.
War, pestilence, cataclysmic fears are fear based programs used against the human population to suppress our consciousness. This is known as psycho-spiritual warfare. These off-world controllers use SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) to repeatedly enslave, kill and torture humans through religious violence and military control through terrorism, war and population control to institute global tyranny via the New World Order.
The ultimate goal of this Armageddon Software is enslavement through mind control which is activated through the crucifixion of humanity. Were these "planes" nothing but holographic inserts embedded into the planetary body to deceive? The Armageddon Software is a mind control program to terrorize humanity through enforcing the militarization of planet Earth and was carried out through Military Technology of off-world origin. This program was implemented to continue the development of the negative alien war machine agenda. The continuation of this program is to ensure the false negative timeline loops. Remember, the use of holographic inserts by bending time and space is for the purpose of manipulation. 
If you have noticed these off-world controllers and their MSM frontman have been aggressively pushing the fear of a virus, the continuation of the destructive rioting, the fear propaganda of forced vaccinations, the intentional fires being ignited all over the West Coast of America etc. These are psycho spiritual warfare tactics (mind control) to create panic. 
Where there is weakness in the energetic field of the planet makes a great breeding ground for the most vulnerable to become victims of these types of attacks of the 911 Armageddon program. We all have been feeling the the incredible speeding up of the Matrix and there are people moving towards a future timeline who are observing the collapse of the old 3D structure and who's light (frequency) is overriding this artificial false software which is ultimately meant deter humans from our natural, organic Ascension evolution. Then there are those (resistors) who are desperately clinging onto this 3D artificial program which only continues their enslavement. 
Planet Earth is ready to drop and collapse this 3D timeline and what we're currently seeing on the world stage today is the Luciferian rebellion of this transition. This is a consciousness war, a war to stop the Christ consciousness to embody humanity on Earth. The portion of humanity that is waking up to this unpleasant information will be the ones to change this timeline, the resistors, the ones who remain asleep are irrelevant to this transformation.

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