Sunday, August 8, 2021

The Lion's Gate Omnibus Edition

It's 8:8 And I'm Feelin' Just Great!


Great Astrological insights; dubious choice of ‘channelled' material - Daniel Scranton? Really??

Heart of Darkest Racine Wisconsin Bundle… Anons Dig and dig & dig & out pops Open Sourced Intel!

Snowflake myopia regarding street people (cash cows) in Colorado, actually all over the 4 Corners:

Can you smell the fetid aroma of rotting Apples wafting up from your $1200.00 iPhone, post Upgrade?

Lawsuits will restore the Original Constitutional American Republic, WW MI help needed - stay Tuned:

Another conspiracy theory turns out to be True, a lot of this stuff is Really Uncomfortable to Know:

Ole' KayRay over at Era of Light put up some good stuff recently, here's a sampler FYI:

Magenta Pixie and The Nine be flippin' templates, jumpin' timelines and upside-downin' what All:

Three is a nice equilateral number so Creator went Nuts for this Lion's Gate extravaganza of Jnana:

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