Sunday, August 1, 2021

The Lost Knowledge Of Human Civilization

For those unfamiliar with Lisa's work NAA stands for Negative Alien Agenda. Other unfamiliar terms in her text can be found in her glossary.

By Lisa Renee On  7-1-21


Dear Ascending Family,

For many years, it has been made obvious that the heliacal rising of the star Sirius during the time of the pharaoh’s observance of the new year during the Sothic cycle, generates powerful effects in the planetary grid network in current times. Many worldwide events, wars, tragedies and timeline shifts have occurred in the collective consciousness within this small window of time. 

The start of the new year coincided with the heliacal rising which was during mid-July, in which the date stamp of July 17th repeatedly surfaces to be an historical timeline trigger event during the most prominent of the Egyptian timelines, like the important events transpiring during the 18th Dynasty. During the phase between July 16th through July 19th on the midpoint of July 17th, we have a more direct access to the entire angelic human tribal shield genetic records which include assorted fragments of information that are connected to historical events recorded in the organic timelines. This time portal opening is generally associated with a major consciousness shift in the future direction of timelines, and the Controllers attempt to hijack the direction of the momentum with assorted divide and conquer warfare tactics.

This opening allows us to more easily form a conduit to connect directly with other stations of identity and spiritual family from the past or future timelines. It functions like the personal rainbow bridge to the transtime continuum that opens a clear path in order for those with the inner eyes to see, to be given the gift of spiritual vision in order to see more of the truthful events that have been hidden from us, many of which are found buried in the missing historical records. 

The missing pieces of humanity’s historical records contain energetic signatures that can be tracked and found in the planetary grid network itself, which can be translated by angelic human beings that have retained some of their original DNA memory. There are also many records comprised of physical evidence, artifacts and ancient writings that have been purposely hidden from the public by those serving the Luciferian Covenant and ongoing Atlantian conspiracy.  However, the biggest problem with recovering our historical records is that they have been weaponized against humanity in every way possible. These records have been the main source of the conflict in the timeline wars for thousands of years, as they open awareness to free energy devices, off planet origins and are connected to recovering and reclaiming The Lost Knowledge of Human Civilization.

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