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When Anons Dig You Get Open Source Intelligence On Team Dark

 Recent Racine Dig Posted On VOAT

Courtesy Of Suzanne M.

I saw you talking about Racine. here is a bunch of research with sources in no particular order
from into_the_continuum sent ago...

Racine is a model city

Racine is a propaganda and publishing powerhouse where NPR was founded, the "father of doublespeak" William Lutz was born and where the best selling children's books of all time (Little Golden Books) were published, including nearly every single book featuring a Disney licensed character. This is significant by itself, but it's especially curious when you consider that Frank Lloyd Wrights grandfather was a Unitarian preacher just like John Disney. (More on FLW later)

Racine modeled nearly every aspect of modern middle class life, from the books we read to our children, to the first kindergarten in America and the first car in the world, to the way we clean our house, to the way we prepare and dispose of our food, and even how we cut our hair and our grass.

Does this make you feel like you are living in a Truman Show? Our daily lives have been modeled in Wisconsin to such a detailed extent that even the keyboard you are typing on comes from Wisconsin. So do your headphones. Modern computing was revolutionized by Wisconsin native Seymore Cray, who developed both the first mini computer and the first super computer, the CDC 6600. Even the first video game, SpaceWar!, (which was funded by the Pentagon) is based off of science fiction novels written by Wisconsin-born author E.E. "Doc" Smith.

Racine was once the invention capital of the world and the electric motor capitol of the world, which is why the founder of the Rotary Club is also from Racine.

Rotary International has been instrumental in vaccinating the global population for decades. The wildly inaccurate covid "spit test" was tested in Racine and developed by the mayor of Racines brother at Cornell's Mason Lab.

Racine's lockdown was struck down as the strictest in the USA. It was reinstated by the wife of Bill Clintons WI campaign manager

The most influential conferences in modern history occurred at Wingspread in Racine. Common Core was spawned out of the World Core Curriculum conferences. Initial blueprints for global nuclear arms control were held there. NPR was founded there. The National Endowment for the Arts was founded there. The Art in Embassies Program was founded there. The International Criminal Court began there.

Racine is the single most accurate Bellwether county in America, with 86% of US elections accurately predicted by voters in Racine county.

That is why Nancy Pelosi claimed the entire election was "riding on Wisconsin" a few weeks prior to election day and why Joe Biden shilled for a rigged referendum in Racine in 2020. The president of Microsoft is from Racine and working on "election security" software called Election Guard. Election Guard was tested in Wisconsin earlier in 2020. Now you know why Wisconsin flipped first after the count freeze at 3am.

Wisconsin is Corrupt

Who has a statue of Jeffrey Dahmers headless victim hanging in his apartment? Tony Podesta.

Where did Podesta work for Edmund Muskies presidential campaign? Racine, Wisconsin.

Edmund Muskie was Secretary of State during Jimmy Carter's administration. Who was Vice President? Walter Mondale.

Who toured Vice President Mondale's office after he called the White House from a pay phone as a minor during a highschool field trip? Jeffrey Dahmer.

Racine is also where Joachim Dressler was convicted of killing and dismembering someone only a few weeks before Dahmer was caught. Dressler worked as a maintenance man in Jeffrey Dahmers apartment complex but police claimed there was "no connection" between the two. This is what the Milwaukee county medical examiner had to say about other cases similar to this one occurring in the area:

Satanic killings are known to cause injuries similar to those suffered by murder victim James M. Madden, but a medical examiner said Monday Madden's death was a homosexual homicide. Dr. Jeffrey Jentzen, Milwaukee County medical examiner, said he based his conclusion on an examination of Madden's body - which was decapitated, dismembered, dissected and drained of blood June 27, 1990. Jentzen, however, said he was familiar with the characteristics of satanic murders. "I am aware of the taking of the head, the bodily organs," Jentzen told defense attorney James Mathie of Milwaukee. Jentzen said he "wouldn't be surprised" by the existence of such a cult. Mathie asked Jentzen if he had heard of Racine County sightings of people wearing hoods, filing into wooded areas. He also questioned Jentzen's knowledge about the ritualistic killing of a dog in a rural barn and suspected satanic activity near Waterford. "They (authorities) do indicate there is a general amount of satanic action in rural areas," Jentzen said.

This is apparently still going on in the region. Here you can see multiple people talking about body parts showing up around town in a discussion about a brain that was found on the beach in Racine.

Frank Lloyd Wright, who is from Southern Wisconsin, is also revealing. Not only did he build many famous buildings in Racine, such as the Johnson research tower and the Johnson house called Wingspread (where some of the worlds most influential conferences have been held, such as nuclear arms control conferences and the founding of the international criminal court), his son also built the house that the prime suspect of the Black Dahlias murderer lived in. The Black Dahlia was, of course, dissected, dismembered and drained of blood, just like Dresslers victim mentioned above. 

Frank Lloyd Wright was also planning to build Crystal Heights at Adams Morgan in Washington DC, which is where the Comet Ping Pong sign used to hang above Comet Liquor before it was sold to James Alefantis; the same building where the Shriners and Royal Order of Jesters were accused by SenateAnon of running a sex blackmail operation. Of course, in the pivotal year of 2020, the Imperial Potentate of the Shriners is from Racine, Wisconsin.

The following is speculation, but some have noticed patterns with serial killers murdering their victims near a source of water. Some killers exclusively killed their victims on a beach or lakefront, or at a placename with a reference to water, such as the Zodiac Killer or the Son of Sam. There are many serial killers who operated near large bodies of water, such as John Wayne Gacy, Ed Gein, and Jeffrey Dahmer; The Russian cannibal Dmitry Baksheev from Krasnodar (which is also situated on a large lake) is another example, and so is Frank Lloyd Wright (who ran a homosexual slave labor cult called "The Fellowship" that served as the model for groups like NXIVM). There were multiple instances of massacres or killings taking place on Wrights properties, which all featured artificial ponds or lakes. There was a massacre at Taliesin where Frank Lloyd Wright had dammed up a creek to create an artificial lake; there was a suicide at his Fallingwater residence; his son built the Mayan Revival home, where the prime suspect in the Black Dahlia murder case lived. There are artificial ponds all over the Mayan Revival house and cadaver dogs have indicated that multiple bodies may be buried on the property, although no excavations have taken place. This pattern is also present in the case of an accused MK Ultra suicide programmer known as "The Witch" or "The Snake Lady", who always operated near lakes, including Round Lake, Rock Lake, Lake County, Devils Lake and Racine. An eye witness to her activities claimed she held a belief that proximity to water "increased her magic powers".

Is it possible that some of these serial killers were murdering their victims near water with the intention of sending them through the Path of Souls? Is that why there have been so many serial killers in the Racine area?

Racine and the Path of Souls

To understand why the Racine area is so important today, it helps to understand why it was also considered important to cultures in the distant past. The Milky Way was known to Native Americans as "the Path of Souls". They believed the stars in the Milky Way were the souls of their ancestors proceeding through a great journey full of trials and tests. In order to begin this journey, the soul had to travel to the surface of the underworld which they believed was water.

That is why nearly every single Native American burial mound is situated near a source of water. Once the soul reached the water it could attempt a leap of faith into the "Eye in hand" constellation which the Natives believed was the portal into the Path of Souls. We know this portal today as Orions Nebula.

Southern Wisconsin is the closest place on earth to that portal. The galactic-center area of the Milky Way glides just over the horizon in southern Wisconsin and the travel direction of animal-shaped burial mounds leads them towards the Milky Way’s “rise-point” (first-glance visibility after astronomic darkness).

The Kenosha/Racine/Milwaukee area is the Point and Place in Southern Wisconsin where the portal into the Path of Souls through Orions Nebula passes over the Great Lakes, the largest source of fresh water in the world (measured by surface area). Many of the elite power players live at Wind Point in Racine, which is the farthest extension of land protruding into the water in Southern Wisconsin.

Other cultures, especially the ancient Egyptians, held beliefs about water, the stars and the afterlife that are strikingly similar to the Mound Builders, which is why the Egyptians moved heaven and earth to place the bodies of their dead Pharoahs inside of pyramids that were aligned with Orion and built to the exact proportions of the chemical structure of the water molecule. Although it does not explicitly state it, this video about the Pythagorean Pentagram proves the relationship between the pyramids, the golden ratio, and water. At 6:10, when he divides the bond angle of the water molecule by the golden ratio, you can see a perfect drawing of the Great Pyramid of Giza. This is why, in Egyptian Hieroglyphics, a five pointed star represented the afterlife. Specifically, a pentagram symbolized the land of the Star Gods, but a pentacle (a star with a circle around it) represented Duat, the underworld, or Land of the Dead.

Like the Mound Builders, the Egyptians believed that the soul would follow the setting sun to the West, replicating the rebirth cycle of the Sun God Ra who sailed across the watery underworld, before being born again the next day by the Milky Way, which was represented by the Mother Goddess of the Primordial Waters Nu, who was depicted as a water pot in Hieroglyphics.

Why would water be necessary for the soul to launch itself into the heavens? This is speculation, but science has shown that water has incredible properties pertaining to levitation. Thin strands of water produce high electrical voltages when falling through copper spirals, causing water droplets to reverse direction and levitate upwards. This occurs naturally at waterfalls, where the tiniest water droplets carry an electrostatic charge and form a fine mist that has been shown to ease symptoms of asthma. What is even more astonishing is that fish are able to "climb" waterfalls without even exerting the normal amount of effort required to swim. Can water defy gravity by flowing upstream? Is that why Viktor Schauberger claimed to have produced a levitating disk using water vortices called a "repulsine"?

Is this why so many lakes are considered UFO sighting hotspots, including Long Lake in Wisconsin, which some have called the "UFO capital of the world"?

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