Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Disclosure Digest 8-4-21


 Frens Gettin' Biblical...


Good, punchy prose arguments are a rarity online, try this White Hat exchange on for Size:

This Return of the King Bundle's got some tasty sauce for any inquiring Conspiracy Analyst to Savor:

The Monsters Among Us Bundle - The Children instinctively Know who the creep-a-zoids are; Basta!

This sad Manchurian thug released on bail by snowflake judge beheads a My Pillow employee; Duh!

Git sum Geezer Wisdom from Jon, who is himself an endangered Alte Kakker; it's a Ponderfest:

The good folks at The Bee somehow manage to find mirth in seeming Chaos; buckle for a Chuckle: 

Ready for a kick-ass Angels-R-Us Bundle? Well fluff yer energy wings up for some smooth Sailing:

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