Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Disclosure Digest 8-11-21


Never Believe Anything The Government 

Tells You!

- Mahasiddha George Carlin


This Lion's Gate whirlwind of high frequency energies has got millions of frens a-goin' Sideways

Unfiltered Q+ clip from 8/8 on the Dan Bongino Show; oh what tangled webs they Wove:

Pissed-Off-All-Over-The-World-Bundle... Lots of sauce and some dis-info in this latest Kek Collection:

Well, lookee here come the Gov! Kristi Noem salutes the 700,000 loyal Patriots gathered @Sturgis:

Inculcating systemic satanic pedophilia in the scions of wealthy families; Ancient Evil Perpetuates:

Today's Medical Nemesis Bundle focuses on Pandemic History Redux - follow the eugenics and Learn:

Sorcha digs on bad science as the root of myriad Evils currently plaguing Humanity:

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